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Videos are on the top of the trend nowadays. At some point, virtual power using videos and social media is reliable for recording. It is useful for training, marketing tools and campaigns, and other corporate communications.

In 2021, aside from adobe connect and google hangouts, live and automated webinars for recording are more in demand. Moreover, people determine that using the best webinar recording tools will help communicate productively and efficiently resolve business concerns.

Best Webinar Software Recording Characteristics

It is not just checking how the best webinar solution works but also how it gives you satisfaction as a user. Check some of the characteristics you should not miss!

  1. One of the best webinar software is user-friendly and easy to use webinar.
  2. Record the whole screen or in a particular area.
  3. It has different animations and features.
  4. Can Export files and annotation.
  5. Allows you to do audio and video recording.

Top 10 Best Webinar Platforms for Recording and Reviews

Let’s dive into the reviews of the top 10 automated and live webinars recording tools for this year, 2021.

1.    Cloud app

This webinar software provides the context and communication of a meeting without wasting the user’s time. Users can use it efficiently, such as recording the screen through their voice and face, GIF creations, and automatically uploading and sharing files.

Cloud app is well known as one of the updated webinar software platforms and a well-packed tool for screen recording with over 2 million users worldwide. It comes up free with limited key features, and plan payment starts at $8 per month.

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2.    Snagit

This webinar platform is unique as it has a panoramic capture that can allow you to do horizontal scrolls, extensive or even when scrolling pages.

Snagit can capture a workflow by screen recording and screenshots, add a context or speak over to audio or video, make personalized guides, demos, and extract text from an image, file, or screen capture.

3.    ShareX

Unlike Snagit with a panoramic capture, this webinar recorder has the outstanding feature of recording only a portion of the screen. At some point, it’s the most used webinar platform as this is for free and exceeding a 14-day free trial, yet it gives so many editing options you can use.

ShareX is known to be open-source software. You can also check the image editor, splitter, video thumbnail generator, and other cool features ShareX can offer.

4.    Nimbus Capture

This webinar platform is for those looking for a chrome extension that no need to download the app. By adding only Nimbus capture to your browser, you can directly do the screen recording with just one click.

Nimbus Capture also has a Nimbus note that allows you to store your screen recording files in a safe place.

5.    Loom

I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with this webinar recording tool. This webinar screen recording is for work communication and is excellent for making a demo and tutorial for HD video.

This is one of the webinar platforms that can add a password or make your video private for viewers. You can use it for free with limited webinar features, and the starter plan price is Pro ($8 per month).

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6.    LiteManager

This type of screen recording is best known as the classroom management software. LiteManager is also a useful tool for pre-recorded and technical support, merely collecting technical data.

You can use it for free with limited key features. Aside from screen recording; you can easily use text, video, and audio.

7.    Camtasia

This tool sees itself as more than just a screen recorder. Camtasia is a popular tool for creating better help desk materials, Youtube tutorials, high-quality training materials, and even how-to guides.

Moreover, there are features like zoom in or out, pan animations, or even pre-made animations that can make your videos amazing to look at.

8.    Zoom

Zoom is not only for screen recording, but more than that, you can freely have a video conferencing tool or have screen sharing with your co-worker. By conducting a live webinar, the zoom has an option of a free account, and the maximum number of attendees is 25.

It can also do a multiple presenters mode. Zoom is also useful for live chat and file-sharing; users find it their best choice for webinars’ live events requiring audience engagement.

It is also a cloud-based webinar tool that pricing plans start at $14.99 per month.

9.    TeamViewer

This webinar software allows you to connect multiple platforms, from mobile to PC, vice versa, PC to PC, or any devices you may use. This is also suitable for remoting your work, or even for technical support. The pricing pro plan starts at $49/ month (or $588 billed annually).

10. Mikogo

Are you looking for an ideal live webinars tool recording that allows you to schedule your meeting in advance? Aha! It’s the best fit for you.

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This browser-based screen recorder has a lot to offer– as such, it can let you do voice conferencing when conducting a virtual meeting. Mikogo starts with a basic plan ($14/ month), not the same with professionals and team payments. It also has a free with limited webinar feature.

What’s Your Best Choice of Webinar Recording?

By reading this full article, you can jump-off selecting the best live webinar tools. Beforehand, choose the updated tools and a real-time platform for you. An easy step, check the review then apply it afterward.


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