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Business unfortunately have a lot of things to combat when it comes to security. There are lots of potential threats to consider. It’s best to have a prevention plan in place to try and stop security threats occurring in the first place. Many security issues are easily controlled by putting the appropriate measures in place. There is a lot of security equipment and smart security products that will do a very good job of keeping people out and reducing the threat. Here are some of the main security threats that businesses could face on a daily basis.


Burglary is a major concern for businesses, especially those that are home to expensive goods. Most businesses will have insurance, but if you don’t secure your building properly then you may not be able to make a claim. Check that all your doors and windows are secure and that all locks are working properly. Stress to employees the importance of ensuring the business premises are properly secured before they leave the building. You can also keep potential burglars out by installing things like security gates, turnstiles and road blockers.

Vandals will often target small businesses, shop windows and also big brands that they might take a disliking to. If you want to protect your business from vandals then you need to put measures in place to stop people getting onto your property in the first place, like fences, using a secure entry system and some of the methods mentioned above.

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Shoplifting is a big problem for retail businesses. Most of the time people get caught but unfortunately sometimes they get away with it. Make sure you are in the loop with the shopping center security team and aware of any suspicious individuals. You may also want to employ in store security to keep an eye on shoppers. Installing CCTV is essential if you want to try and catch anyone who tries to steal from you.

Stealing Data

For a lot of companies it is not their products that they are worried about being stolen, it is their private data. Many companies have extremely sensitive information stored on their business computers and files, as well as highly valuable information. This is a more complicated issue to control so it’s probably best to get a data security expert to help you to make sure all your data is kept private.


Employee Safety

Employees need to feel safe at work, and feel like their working environment is secure. It is your responsibility as a business owner to keep your employees safe. You can improve security by doing things like having a sign in and out book, restricted entry to the building and installing turnstiles.


Employee Theft

Believe it or not employee theft is a big issue that a lot of businesses have to manage. Monitoring employee theft is especially important in businesses where cash is handled. All though your staff need to know you trust them, it’s crucial that thorough checks are carried out to make sure all is in order.

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Neil Maycock works as a security advisor in the corporate field. He recommends MDS Security for all your access control and security needs.

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