Nowadays, throughout history, there has been said to be one question no one could answer. Being most of the time related to education, these idea turned into a dwelling between those who are on the one part of the party, and the othes ones. Although hard to get to a point, it is surely a debate that comes with so many useful outcomes than ever! These being said, in case you wish to find more in regards to this, make sure to stick with us and see if you either should be the best at one thing or good at more things – at once!



Being the Best on your Field

Without a doubt, when being the best most of the people would go to you knowing that you can represent them, save their reputation or help them solve out a problem. Private companies for their leading positions are looking for people who are strictly developed and have gained experience in a specific field. Of course one would say it is better to be the best in your field, taking into account the fact that in a lifetime you cannot physically be well-prepared to many of them.

Being Good at More Things at Once

I don’t know about you, but as far as I have conducted my research, a person who is good at more things at once is able and capable to get over any unexpected situation. This idea is linked to the fact that when coping with unexpected situation and receiving a positive outcome, it means that you do not stop learning but educate and develop your knowledge at time goes by. One would tell you that by being best at a single thing you would get the most money, yet if you are the kind of person who looks for challenges and changes in his life, you will never know when you will be prepared and when the opportunity will arise if you stand focused only in one field.

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What Path to Take?

Well, as mentioned above, if you feel passionated about one thing you should not put it aside but make the best out of it. Yet, when talking about being the best, we should not stop to only a point but continue to develop and enrich out knowledge. I would say, since money is the key, make sure to be the best at what you do – and be good at the rest of them if you want your efforts to be seen, remarked and totally paid!


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