The serviced office industry is becoming one of the fastest growing sectors in the European property industry. Companies in business capitals like London are seeing the benefit of forgoing the traditional way of renting dedicated office-space in favour of a more flexible approach. Here’s some of the ways switching to serviced offices could improve your company.


Become More Productive


While it might be a business cliché: time is money. Ensuring that everything is running to schedule is crucial in creating an efficient and organised business. Serviced offices providers like Landmark Plc include everything from the furnishings, broadband internet connection, and general maintenance under one monthly agreement. That means you’ll no longer have to spend your time negotiating with several different suppliers for the best rate. Any kind of communication breakdown could cause a delay to an essential service, negatively affecting how prolific your company could be.


Improve Your Standing


Improve your standing with a serviced office that allows you to work from a prestigious address as part of a business centre. This will not only leave a better impression on any potential customers, but the nature of a shared office space also means you’ll be able to network with other companies more easily. In your centre could be potential business partners, leaving you to benefit from their industry contacts, promotional activity, and knowledge of the local area. These kinds of facilities are usually out of reach to small companies or new startups, and the resources you’ll have access to could be what really moves your company to the next stage of development.

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Save You Money


Last, but not certainly least, you’ll be saving money. With around 50% of new small businesses failing in the first few years of operation, it’s critical that you’re able to cut out any unnecessary costs. The big problem with using traditional office space is having to of agree to a long-term contract. This is risky for entrepreneurs looking to test new markets. If your strategy wasn’t going to plan or you were looking to downsize, you could end up being stuck with a lease you can no longer afford. Serviced office suppliers can offer terms ranging from as little as a few months to better allow you to take the necessary steps in protecting your business.


The demand for these services is increasing not only in London, but around the globe. In order to ensure the best chance of success for your company, you need to be adaptable. Choosing a serviced office provider is one of the best ways to do this.


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