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The rise and rise of the internet in recent years has been a blessing for businesses everywhere. Today, even the smallest, most insignificant SME or the newest start-up has access to a global audience. Customer bases have grown exponentially, with worldwide trade no longer the reserve of rich multinationals.


However, these changes provide opportunities, not guaranteed global success. The latter is harder to access, and it requires a lot of hard work, skill and natural talent. Customer bases have to be identified and tapped into, and once they are, the service your company offers must be top notch.


Transactions are one area where smaller businesses often fall down. Luckily for you, here are three top tips to ensure that all of your international transactions go as smoothly as possible…


Step One: Remove Language Barriers


Customers might be able to find your products, but if a language barrier stops them from working out what your products are, how deliveries work, or how to purchase items, then you have a serious problem. Luckily, the solution is simple. Google Translate can automatically make your website multilingual without you having expend any elbow grease or rely on long dormant foreign language skills. If you’d like a more polished finish, there are also lots of companies available to carry out translations for you, making your website as easy to understand and use for you foreign audiences as it for your domestic clientele.


Step Two: Carry Out Conversions Automatically

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Another issue that’s guaranteed to dissuade foreign buyers is pricing your items using your domestic currency. Although it’s simple enough to convert these figures using Google, most buyers don’t want shopping to be such hard work, so they’re likely to look elsewhere. To keep their interest, you need to do these calculations for them. Shopify Resources has some great tips to help you, but if you don’t feel comfortable altering your website yourself, then there are lots of professionals out there who can help you.


Step Three: Choose a Reliable International Courier Service


Once your customers have made their purchase, they’ll expect their parcel/s to arrive in a timely manner. Late deliveries or damaged items will be anathema to repeat business, so it’s vital that you choose a courier company with quick turnaround times, a reputation for reliability, and experience to boot.


With these three simple steps, you can make sure that every international transaction goes as smoothly as possible.


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