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Have you ever tried making your to-do list while planning your agenda for the days to come? Are you looking forward to be more organized, but you just can’t do everything because you might happen to forget some things? Well, making to-do lists might be the key in here. But we know we can’t always have them with us or be with our eyes on them… thus, some others things in here would be welcome. Stick with us and keep on reading to see just why and how to start using your Google Calendar from this exactly first minute and location!


First Step

The first step to use the Google Calendar is, without asking, creating an account (a Google account, to be more specific). One of the most amazing things it comes with concerns the fact that you are allowed to choose how you want to view it – either by day, week or month.


The SMS Support

Believe it or not, you can always get your things set up by receving an SMS with all of your must-dos. With such a thing, you will always know what is next to be done for today – and especially if there is an important meeting coming across. I know there is nothing worse in this world than missing an opportunity (or a meeting!) so Google Calendar is here to say hi to you and make sure everything is ready for when the time comes!

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Offline Support

Yes, this is my number one! For those moments when WiFi is not among, nor 3G neither 4G, there is this offline support Google Calendar comes with to keep us on track. It means you don’t necessarily need to have Internet to access your agenda, which is great, trust me! While on the plane, I know you don’t have anything else to do but contact your agenda. And here it is, all available for you just at a press of a button!


Print to PDF

Are you the paper lover? Do you want to have your life organised, but this, on paper? If so, Google has thought of you! By interfering with Google Calendar, you are up to print your agenda to PDF – which, in short, means your life is quite easier to handle from this point on and that you can see your week in numbers hanging on the wall – or in your bag!


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