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There is a direct link between employee engagement and your company’s bottom line. The more engaged your employees are at work, the more motivated they are to achieve the company’s goals, thus increasing productivity and profits.

There’s a global epidemic of disengaged workers in recent years. As such, the question isn’t should you promote engagement in the workplace, but rather, how. Here are several simple ways to boost productivity and staff engagement within your company.

1. Create a Culture of Recognition

All employees have an innate desire to do their jobs well. Creating a culture of recognition in the workplace encourages staff to work hard to achieve the goals most important to the company’s success.

Giving promotional products is a great way to create this culture of recognition. When you reward your employees for a job well-done, they become more invested in their position and the company’s overall goals.

2. Set a Good Example

When your staff has an inspirational example of the company’s expectations, they are more likely to follow suit. As their leader, you should model the behaviors you would like to see in your employees. In turn, your employees will be more engaged, more focused, and more likely to remain at their jobs longer.

3. Be Transparent and Available

When management is transparent, it eliminates that “us vs. them” attitude found in many workplaces. Giving staff access to confidential information lets them know you have nothing to hide and instills feelings of trust and happiness at work.

Furthermore, management should be available to employees as necessary rather than hidden away in some upstairs office. When your workers feel like they can trust you with their concerns, they are more inclined to work harder for the company.

4. Be Flexible

Many employers frown on allowing workers to do their jobs from home because they don’t trust that they will be as productive. The reality is, however, that when employers allow flexibility in hours and work location, employees are happier and more productive than when they feel tied to a cubicle in the office.

5. Engage from the Start

The days of acclimating new employees with hours of videos and paperwork are a thing of the past. If you want to make a good first impression with new employees, you have to start engaging them right away.

People begin a new job with curiosity and enthusiasm. You can take advantage of that momentum by helping them get to know their new workmates. Pair them with a mentor and put them right to work and they will quickly fall in love with their job and your company.

6. Have Fun Together

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. You’ve undoubtedly heard this saying before, and it’s especially true in the workplace. When you take time out to encourage fun with your staff, you create an atmosphere everyone enjoys coming to each day.

Plan a company picnic in the summer or maybe a company Christmas party to celebrate the holiday. Have a weekly “casual day” where employees get to dress down and relax a bit. Of course, management has to get in on the festivities as well, which fosters a sense of accessibility and community with your staff.

By boosting employee engagement, productivity automatically follows suit. When your employees are happy, they are more vested in their jobs and more likely to work hard to reach company goals. Use the tips above to boost productivity and employee engagement within your own company.


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