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Okay, so there are all the usual ways to generate more income for yourself, above and beyond your current job role. You can set up a side-hustle using an ecommerce website, make money through investing, or set yourself up as a freelancer with whatever skill or talent you possess. These are all viable ways of making money, and if any take your interest, we wholeheartedly recommend them. You can find further ideas around our website.


On the other hand, there are other ways to make money. We have ideas that you may not have considered before. Some of them may even surprise you! Take a look below, and if you are keen on having more money in your pockets (that’s most of us then), give them some serious consideration.

Refer somebody into employment. Some employers offer referral schemes, where you can get a bonus in your pay packet as an incentive for referring a friend who would stand out as a top-class candidate for an available vacancy. Check if your employer does the same. Many recruitment agencies offer similar, such as Relode who will help you create an income stream by referring friends and colleagues into the healthcare jobs they promote. It’s a win-win for you, your friends, and the company who will benefit from a decent employee.


Rent out your friendship. There are all kinds of ways to make a rental income. You could rent out a room in your home, your parking space, and even your car. But perhaps the more surprising thing you can rent out is your friendship! There are many lonely people out there in need of companionship, and there are also people who would benefit from a friend for one-off occasions, such as parties and weddings. Check sites such as Rent a Friend for this slightly unusual way to make money. Who knows, you might actually make a real friend in the process!


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Sell your breast milk. This is one for women only, of course, so sorry to any guys reading this article! But out of all the things you can sell online, breast milk has to be one of the more unusual. Still, this will benefit many mothers and babies around the world, so if you have any breast milk to spare, head on over to sites such as Only the Breast, an online community for moms, and find out more.


Pick up dog poop. Sure, you could walk somebody’s dog as a side-hustle, and you can even pet sit for somebody while they’re away. But picking up dog poop? It’s not something we would ever fancy, but if you’re not averse to something so unpleasant, you could help clean up dog owner’s yards by offering your services in the classifieds, or through specialist services such as DoodyCalls whenever they have a spare vacancy.


Sell your hair. Well, you were probably due a haircut anyway, right? Often used for hair extensions and wigs, your golden locks can generate an income, provided your hair is clean and healthy. Classified sites such as Hairsellon should be your port of call if you favour the saying ‘Hair today gone tomorrow.’ (or did we get our words mixed up).


Stand in line for somebody. Not many of us like standing around in line for hours, but if you have the time, and you don’t mind the tedious monotony that comes with it, then you can offer your services on the classifieds. There are those of us who are either too busy or just can’t be bothered to queue up for flash sales or to snag limited tickets to theatre and cinema releases  and are quite happy to pay patient people like yourselves (we assume) to do the job for us. You can set your own prices too, and perhaps use the money to pick up a discounted item or ticket yourself!


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Show people around your town or city. If you live in a place that is often populated by tourists, then you can use one of the services listed here to make yourself some extra money. You are effectively becoming a tour guide, showcasing the best your locale has to offer. Not only will you net yourself some cash, but you might meet some interesting new people in the process.


There are all kinds of ways to make money – some possibly more unusual than what we have mentioned here – so do your research and find something that interests you. Let us know too if you have any ideas that even we haven’t considered in this article or on our website. Thanks for reading!


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