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The pressure of being accountable for every financial decision can be daunting, especially for a newbie tax filer. Some people find the forms and all the other legal formalities intimidating. Since it is one of those compulsory events, it has to be done efficiently, and most importantly, on time.

Do not panic; everyone goes through this mini anxiety when it comes to filing the taxes. To overcome your fear of filing taxes, here’s what you need to know.

Be aware of your Due Date.

The first and foremost step of filing your taxes is to know when it’s due. If you don’t want to face any legal penalties for filing your taxes late; make sure you respect the deadline. You can also consult someone who has already filed taxes or go for professional assistance. There are many online applications you can try to get a reminder of the due date of your tax.

The Deduction and Credit score of the taxes.

While filing your taxes, it is very important to understand the difference between deductions, credits, refundable and non-refundable credits. These are the fundamentals or the pillars of the financial tax system.

  1. Deductions decrease your taxable income. Suppose you make $50,000 and you get a $2000 deduction, then you will be charged at $48,000.
  2. Credits decrease your total tax liability. For Example, you are taxed $4000 on $48,000, and you get a credit of $1000. Your total tax liability is $3000.

If you qualify for refundable tax credits, you will receive a difference between the credit you owe and the one you pay. Suppose you owe $1000 and qualify for $1200 refundable credit. You will receive a refund of $200. You can find relevant experts who provide relevant explanations for the same. For instance, a non-refundable tax credit system will contribute to creating a tax refund as potential credit as it exceeds the taxable income. It will only reduce the taxable income down to zero.”

Estimate your tax rate.

There are different programs through which you can keep a constant check on the tax rate. The algorithms of the program use the figures of your income and match it with the current tax rate. You can easily track the tax you owe.

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The parameter on which your taxes are calculated is determined by the government. Your taxable income is divided into chunks and each chunk is taxed at a corresponding rate. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay tax on your entire income.

 Keep yourself up to date.

In this digital era, it is very easy to stay updated. Within a fraction of seconds, you can gather any information you need anywhere.

The experts at suggest that one should spend at least an hour every day and stay updated on the latest news on the tax system. The change in government policies and other factors can easily influence your taxes. It is better to be a step ahead and plan accordingly.


These points might guide you but if you think that you need one-on-one help from someone who is familiar with the process, you can go for a professional accountant or a firm. Make sure you work with an authorized and verified firm or accountant because you will be sharing a lot of personal and sensitive information.


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