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If you are hoping to become a leading figure in the world of business, getting a Master of Business Administration degree – better known as an MBA – may well be a dream of yours. This prestigious program gives you a fantastic overview of many different aspects of business and is highly respected in almost every industry around the globe. However, having an MBA can open doors to a wealth of exciting opportunities and top job prospects, and therefore understandably requires a big commitment in terms of time, money, and effort to achieve. Thankfully, for those who already have existing work or family obligations that make attending an in-person MBA program difficult, there are now plenty of chances to study for the degree online. Here’s why you should consider doing so.

Studying for an online MBA

When you take a distance learning program such as the Excelsior College Online MBA, you’ll cover a series of academic modules on topics such as strategic leadership, business ethics, international business, consumer behavior, and decision analytics. These will be taught using a variety of virtual methods such as live video lectures and seminars, presentations (individually and in groups), case studies, written assignments, reading, and project work. Thus, you will experience the same high level of teaching and support as you would on a traditional campus course; the only difference is that you will be learning digitally.

The advantages of getting an online MBA

It’s important to state right away that employers do not look down upon online MBA programs. Although companies might have been skeptical in the past, virtual learning is widely accepted and recognized as equally valid these days. On top of which, there are many distinct advantages to studying your MBA online.

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The first of these benefits is flexibility. With the exception of scheduled live classes, you have the option to choose exactly when you study. This means that no matter whether you are an early bird or a night owl, you can set up a learning schedule that suits your preferences and fits around your existing work and home commitments. You also have the freedom to do your classwork in a location that’s convenient for you, whether that’s the creative hustle and bustle of a coffee shop or the peace and quiet of your home office.

Some people worry that an online MBA won’t offer the same opportunities for networking as a campus course does; however, that’s far from accurate. All it means is that much of the networking you do will be virtual rather than in-person – something we have all had to get used to during the COVID-19 pandemic! So, rest assured you will still be able to meet lots of interesting people and make valuable connections during your studies as a distance learner. 

Taking an online MBA is also a great opportunity to build many vital transferable skills. These include organization and time management due to being fully responsible for your own studies, plus tech skills from learning in a digital environment. This is on top of all the key abilities you’ll gain from the curriculum itself, including communication, presentation, teamwork, and leadership.


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