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If you’re running a business, you know that your employees are its beating heart. Without them, your company would grind to a halt. Clients would dry up, and the profit would cease. Your workers are the ones out there taking meetings and making things happen for you. If you’ve got a strong, hard-working employee base, it’s in your interests to keep them loyal. It doesn’t take long for other companies to spot brilliant talent. If you’re not careful, your best will be cherry picked by your rivals and competitors. Instead, you need to keep them loyal and close. Here’s how.


It’s all starts with recruitment – The first step is identifying the very best for the job. Recruitment isn’t about filling a position as quickly as possible. It’s about taking the time to identify the best and most loyal workers. We use recruitment software from to identify and manage the strongest candidates. We look for passion, ambition and – of course – competence.


Give them room to grow – Ambitious employees are the ones most likely to be headhunted. They are the ones that are always looking to climb the ladder and find the next step. If you don’t provide that, they’ll slowly realise they’re in the wrong company. Always give your workers room to grow. Show them where they could end up and point them in the right direction. Slowly give them more responsibility as they grow. Give them the bigger client account, or let them sit in on higher meetings.

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Communication – Of course, not every employee wants this extra responsibility. It’s your job to discover what your workers want through improved communication. Take the time to get to know your employees. What are their hopes, dreams and ambitions? If you want to keep them loyal, you’ll help them pursue this and make room for their ambition. Ask them if there’s anything you can do to make their job easier and make sure there is a dialogue.


Good pay and bonuses – The most ambitious employees are usually driven by passion, not money. However, there is nothing worse than feeling undervalued for your work. Ensure that all employees are paid a fair wage for starters. Secondly, build a perks package that suits them. This could be a gym membership or health insurance, for example. The low pay might just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Don’t lose good workers to a pay-rise elsewhere!


Atmosphere and perks – Quite simply, if your employees love coming to work, they won’t leave. It’s your job to promote an environment that encourages this. Something as simple as providing breakfast in the morning can work wonders. Perhaps you could set up a ping pong table to keep them busy during breaks. Your workers will connect with each other and make friendships. It will strengthen their connection with your business.

Loyalty in business is all about respect. Respect your employees, let them grow and build a happy environment for them to work. Follow this advice and you’ll never lose another employee to your rivals again!

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