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Making money is a cornerstone of a modern day life. However, earning for yourself isn’t the only option. For a lot of people, raising funds for others is equally important.


If you’ve got a cause that’s close to your heart, then you may want to start your own charity to help support sufferers. There are millions of less fortunate people in need of serious help, and your endeavours could make a huge improvement to their lives.


However, there are many charities on the market. Unfortunately, not all of them have a great reputation. If you’re looking to start your own cause, here’s how to ensure you provide the best help for those worthy recipients.

Celebrate Your Small Team


One of the main reasons that people don’t give more money to charity is that the majority of it ends up in the pockets of employees. Giving your hard earned cash to somebody is a lovely gesture. But it seems a little pointless if it never ends up benefitting the intended recipients.


Make no mistake, you will need to assemble a team to make the charity thrive. After all, many hands make light work. However, many charities have so many hands that far too much money is distributed amongst them. Boasting a small but dedicated team is a plus point for your charity, and you should have no anxieties about promoting it.


There are a lot of charities out there, and you’ve got to do whatever you can to ensure that you raise your fair share for those less fortunate.

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Make Donations Easier

Setting up a charity is a commendable thing. However, it’s a pointless task if nobody can support the worthy cause.


Traditional methods like collecting at organised events remain a great option for raising funds. However, the internet has made it easier than ever to raise funds. Best of all, it allows donations from all over the world. Setting up a website and linking it to JustGiving could also see your funds increase due to gift aid.


Not everyone is happy to share details over the internet, though. Setting up a phone line will open up another stream of donations. Moreover, 0300 numbers are reserved for charities and offer instant validation of your cause. They also make it cheaper and easier for telephone donors across the globe.

Don’t Be Boring


One mistake that many charities make is that they fail to excite the audience. Essentially, the best way to raise more money is simple: put the fun back into fundraising.


By making your endeavours more enjoyable, you are more likely to encourage greater levels of participation. Raising money for a worthy cause gives people a huge sense of self-satisfaction. If it’s a fun activity, you’ll be surprised just how many members of the public will get involved. You could also start a monetized blog including their stories to further boost your fundraising efforts.


With more volunteer collecting on your behalf, your fundraising efforts will only increase. It should also help the charity to grow at a quicker rate. Besides, charitable efforts should be a community effort and this is a great way to promote it.

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