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Running a small business is no mean feat, and it can often throw up many problems. To combat these problems you’ve got to understand the important areas of the company. Sure, finances, branding and marketing are all very important. But, there’s one part of the business that is probably even more important than those, and that’s the staff.

All the most successful businesses in the world are those that treat their workers well. Happy workers will boost morale, increase productivity, and reflect a positive company image. So, your job is to take the time to make sure your staff are the most important part of your business. Here are some of the ways you can do that.


Be Firm But Fair

You always have to make sure you are a firm but fair boss. How you approach your staff will set a precedent for the future, so you have to make sure you get it right. As a boss, you need to be someone who is firm but fair. Staff need to understand that this is a place of work, and they have to take it seriously. But, at the same time, it’s important for them to realise that you are not taking advantage of them.


Competitive Pay

The best way to show you value the staff in your business is to offer competitive pay. This is one of the most difficult things to get right as a business owner. You need to find out the kind of rates your competitors are offering. Once you know what these rates are you can start to develop your own. Competitive and attractive pay is a great way of showing employees you value them, and a great way to attract people to the business.


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Offer Extras

As well as a competitive pay package, it’s also important to offer extras too. Incentives are a brilliant way of making your company more attractive to staff. They want to feel like they are looked after. That’s why things like pension schemes, health care and dental are important additions for you to offer. These will help you provide benefits packages for employees, and make the company more attractive.


Get to Know Them Personally

It’s also important to take a vested interest in your staff, and in their personal lives. One of the best things you can do as a business owner is take the time to get to know your employees personally. If you show an interest in getting to know them, you will become a much better boss. People like to be valued and appreciated, and being on personal terms shows you value them as people. Make sure you do what you can to get to know all of your staff where possible.


Support When They’re Sick

You also need to show your employees that they matter to the business, and they will be looked after. This means showing them support and offering them help when they’re sick. Now, you can do this in quite a few ways, and all of them are important. You might want to check out absence management solutions from Health Assured to offer professional support. It’s also essential that you be understanding about time they might need to take off work.


Reward Loyalty

Another thing you absolutely should be doing as a business owner is rewarding loyalty. This is something that not enough people do these days. But, in the fiercely competitive corporate world, loyalty is hugely important. You should never take your employees loyalty for granted. Instead, you should reward them for it by offering them incentives, bonuses and other rewards.


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Along similar lines, you might want to implement a system whereby you offer staff better discounts. This can act as something of a reward for their loyalty and service. Have a think about the sorts of staff discounts you might want to offer. Find out what rival businesses offer, and try to make yours a more competitive offer.


Team Bonding

It’s hugely important to make team bonding a big part of any business. You need your staff to all get on well and work together in harmony. This is vital for improving morale and work rate, and boosting the development of the business. So, you should try to arrange nights out, weekends away, and bonding sessions for the staff. Letting them interact and socialise outside of the business is a good way to strengthen ties and working relationships.


Family Mentality

You’ve got to very to instil a family mentality into the business. The bond between all members of the company should be tight and strong. You need to be a close-knit group who get on well and will try to do the best they can for each other. This is the key to developing a strong and unified workforce. A family mentality will breed good vibes and healthy morale within the company. This is an excellent way of getting the best out of your staff, and watching the brand grow and thrive. With a family mentality, you also promote the values of honesty, loyalty and hard work.


Casual Dress

Another great way to get your staff on side and to help keep them happy is to offer casual dress. Wearing suits and smart clothes is good because it maintains some professionalism. But, it’s often the case that people feel comfortable wearing their own clothes. You staff might be happier in casual wear, and, as a result, they will work harder for you. You need to consider casual dress within the business as much as you can. It might start off with just one day, but you could implement it for good if you want to.


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As a business owner, you’ve got to understand that the staff are the most important part of your business. They are the engine that powers the rest of the company. If you can look after your employees well, they will take care of the customers for you. So make sure you put your staff first as often as you can and focus on making them happy and contented.



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