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You’ve heard of people making money online, right? Ever wondered how they do it?

There’s a variety of ways to make money online. It’s possible that you’ve already making the right ‘product’. You may be writing a great blog, but without the right tactics, people may not be seeing it. Maybe you’re an artist, with eye-catching paintings or hilarious short films. But you need the right platform and the right strategy to monetise them online.


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Blogs and websites

It seems everyone has a blog these days. People are eager to share fashion and beauty tips, swap recipes, and review music and games on blogs. But how do you make money doing this?

The key is advertising. This is what drives monetization on pretty much everything on the Internet. If your website gets a lot of hits, then organizations will want to pay you to host their adverts on your website. So the first step is getting to grips with how to increase traffic to your website.

But even if your blog gets a lot of hits, there’s still other things to consider. Your content has to be just right to get advertisers to affiliate with you. There’s also the presence of ads on your website to consider. A lot of people are put off by adverts on websites, so be sure you or a web designer can make the ads clear but non-intrusive.


Maybe you’re not too interested in writing content. A lot of people are making music and game reviews in front of their webcam. Songwriters and short film directors have found career boosts and fortunes on YouTube. You may have heard about the most subscribed-to YouTube star, PewDiePie. With just a video game controller and a microphone, the 21-year-old started a YouTube channel that has so far earned him roughly $124 million. He knocked the previous subscriber kings from the top in 2013, the comedy duo Smosh. From silly short videos, Smosh have made millions of dollars.


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Again, the key is advertising. Just like with television, the majority of revenue comes in through advertisers. Nowadays, all videos are subject to adverts playing at the beginning or midway. To get a good chunk of that money yourself, you need to become a YouTube Partner. Creating high-quality content is important; this is what gets subscribers to your channel. You also need to ensure it’s original; trying to make money using someone else’s material is asking for legal trouble.

Selling your art

This one somehow seems less glamorous than the others. But it can be very rewarding, and there are many making a living this way. If you’re a drawer or a writer, there are several places where you can sell your material. Etsy has become the go-to places for people wanting to sell their paintings, clothing, or custom jewellery. If you draw comics, you should consider creating a website to show them off to others. Combining high-quality webcomics with the advertising advice previously mentioned is key. Creators of webcomics such as Xkcd and Penny Arcade did just this, and now make their living doing what they love doing.

Even if you only start making a small amount of money with any of these methods, that’s okay. You can make extra cash go a long way. Make that money go forth and multiply!

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