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The business world is packed full of new startups these days; that’s why it takes some fresh thinking and a positive approach to make an impact. If you’re looking for ideas, read on!


Develop a Consistent Voice


The internet now dominates the world of marketing and advertising. Therefore, it’s become even more important than ever for new, young companies to develop their own consistent voice. You don’t want to be sending out mixed messages. Make sure your business speaks to customers in the same tone and style across all platforms.


You should think carefully about what kind of tone you take when you’re writing your advertising material and posting updates and tweets on social media. If you’re aiming for a younger, trendier target customer, make sure your tone of voice suggests this. Your customer should be at the forefront of your mind when you make these decisions.


Attend Industry Conventions


You should constantly be looking at making contacts in your industry and winning contracts where you can. One of the best ways to do this is to attend industry conventions and make your presence felt. You want people to remember you for all the right reasons so plan carefully before you go.


You should make sure your exhibit looks the part too. No one will take you seriously if you turn up looking amateur and scruffy, it’ll reflect badly on you business as a whole. Get a sturdy table and table cover for conventions, and then set out your stall and make it all look good.

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Be Unique


Every business needs to be unique, and they certainly need to offer a unique product or service. And it’s no use just telling people that what you’re doing is unique, you have to be prepared to go out of your way to prove it. Unless you can do that, why would anyone believe your claim?


If you’re trying to sell a new product, make it clear what you’re offering and how it’s different from the competition. But before you do that, do your research and make sure that your claim to offer something unique is actually true. Once all that’s done, offer free trials of your product so people can see for themselves.


Use Guerrilla Marketing Techniques


Sometimes, the best marketing methods are those that don’t cost much or any money at all. If there are opportunities for exploring free methods, make sure you fully exploit them. One free type of marketing technique is guerrilla marketing. And no, it’s nothing to do with the big hairy apes.


Guerrilla marketing is when you think outside of the ordinary marketing streams and think outside the box. One idea that has been used effectively is using stickers and putting them in public places. This is very cheap and gets people talking about your business if all goes well. But, when it comes to guerrilla marketing, no avenue is closed to you.

It’s never easy getting notice, you have to be persistent and confident in your approach. These tips will also help you stand out from the crowd.

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