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Whether you’re a buyer or seller on eBay, getting positive feedback is a high priority.  Not only does it secure your reliability and reputation, but it can greatly influence levels of future sales or purchase prospects.  But how easy is it to get top marks?  With a little eBay know-how, anyone can achieve it.  Here’s how.

Be honest and informative

When you’re selling goods on eBay, it’s not the same as wandering into a shop.  You can’t touch, see or feel what you’re getting, so it’s vital that you give as much information as possible on the product.  Clear photos, accurate and informative descriptions and measurements, if necessary, are essential elements for getting positive feedback, so always take your time to get this bit right.  If you’re selling something that has been clearly used, then don’t dress it up as being brand new, in order to achieve a quick sale.  This will only disgruntle the buyer and result in potential problems, and negative feedback.  If something is used or worn, then be honest and clear about it.


Some people are still a little anxious to part with their money over the internet, and rightly so.  We’ve all heard of unscrupulous sellers and dodgy eBayers, which, unfortunately, gives a bad name to the majority of genuine traders.  In order to allay any fears that potential buyers may have, always communicate with them promptly at every stage of the buying process.  Once you’ve received their order, send a confirmation with a tracking number.  Let them know when you’ve shipped their item, and give them the opportunity to get in contact with you if they have any queries.

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Don’t delay on shipping

Shipping and delivery issues are major causes of negative feedback, so try and get this element right.  As soon as you’ve received an order, get it sent out as soon as you can.  If there are any unforeseen problems with the shipping, then at least let your buyer know about it; keeping them in the dark is a recipe for nasty comments.  Equally, if you’re buying something off eBay, then arrange payment straightaway.  If you’re lousy at paying up on time, then naturally, any seller might think twice about selling their goods to you.

Make sure you package and parcel your goods up securely, as well.  Take time to copy the address down correctly, ensure you pay the right postage, and include a business card or personal message to the buyer, thanking them for their purchase. It’s small touches, like these, which can bump up the feedback scores, and secure you future sales.

Rectify any problems

From time to time, problems might occur.  But when they do, always try to rectify them as soon as possible. If you leave them to fester, then you’ll only be met with angry backlash.  Avoid tit-for-tat scenarios when it comes to receiving unjustified negative comments from someone.  If you do get feedback of this nature, then contact eBay for further advice or try to solve the issues with the person directly.

Have an easy, clear and understandable returns policy, so that if items need to be sent back, the process will go smoothly and without any fuss. 


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