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When considering landmass, the United States and Canada are the largest countries in North America. Globally, Canada’s the second-largest nation, while the U.S. comes in third.

These nations share the longest international border in the world, stretching over 8,800 kilometers. Canada and the U.S. maintain good relations, and many companies operate on both sides of the border. If you’re planning to start a business operating in both countries or looking to expand across the border, you can use these tips to run a business in both nations. 

Use appropriate credit cards in each nation.


Canada and the United States use different currencies, creating complications if you opt to use the same credit card in both nations. While it’s possible to do this, you’ll incur conversion fees, and the currency conversion rate changes daily, making it hard to calculate your exact costs.

For purchases in Canada, use a credit card from a reputable Canadian financial institution. The best credit cards in Canada include the Tangerine World Mastercard, Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite, TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite, BMO World Elite Mastercard, Scotiabank Gold American Express Card, and CIBC Select Visa. The TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite requires applicants to have a higher credit score than the Scotiabank Gold American Express Card requires. Consider which bank you’re using for your business and annual fees. There are no annual fees for Tangerine’s credit card, but BMO’s Mastercard comes with an annual fee of $150.

U.S. banking differs from Canadian banking. Canada has a handful of national banks with branches throughout the country, while many U.S. banks are regional banks. Once you choose your U.S. bank, you can apply for a credit card through their institution. You can also consider acquiring a credit card company such as Capital One or Credit One. This way, you can use a card operating in U.S. funds for purchases in the U.S., avoiding currency conversion charges. 

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Security’s an issue in both nations.


Business owners face threats from within and without. Employee theft costs American businesses approximately $50 billion each year, causing some business owners to file for bankruptcy. The Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) reports employee theft costs Canadian businesses $1.4 billion annually. Companies also suffer billions in losses from thieves and the cost of damages from vandalism.

Business owners can discourage crime by installing state-of-the-art security systems. Google “Verkada review” to read feedback about Verkada’s products and services. Verkada offers a range of cameras, including dome cameras, fisheye cameras, and bullet cameras. Each camera has pros and cons and is ideal for different locations, ensuring you can use options for every business site you operate. 

Your insurance and warranties may or may not follow you across the border. 


Most expensive items, such as work computers or company vehicles, come with a warranty. While some warranties may be limited to the nation where they were purchased, others can be transferred, and some automatically extend across the border. Pay attention to the fine print to ensure you know what’s covered or what steps to take to retain your warranty if you move items to a different nation.

For example, many computer warranties apply to Canada and the U.S. while some companies require consumers to apply for a warranty transfer. This could influence your decisions when purchasing business computers, particularly if you’re shopping for a laptop you’ll be taking across the border frequently. Many North American vehicle manufacturers honor their warranties in both nations, ensuring you don’t incur out-of-pocket expenses if your vehicle breaks down. Your insurance may also follow you across the border. Talk to your insurance agent about your needs to ensure your business equipment and vehicles are covered in both nations, if necessary, or take out appropriate policies in each nation to protect your investments.

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Canada and the U.S. are large nations sharing a border and a good relationship. Many businesses operate successfully on both sides of the border.


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