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Modern day marketing is a constant challenge. Competition is fierce and more people are becoming blind to standard advertisements. With some simple and unique solutions, promoting your small business on a budget doesn’t have to be difficult.

Host A Contest

The beauty of a contest is it can take form in many shapes and methods. Your contest can entice new clients or encourage old clients to try new products. However it pans out, harness the power of social media by encouraging people to post about their entry with a special hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. This will encourage more people to join. You can even partner with other companies to offer a larger prize.

Celebrity Samples

Celebrities are constantly being photographed and questioned on what products they’re using and like. A celebrity endorsement could get your product mentioned on any number of magazines or websites. Some companies even offer award show gift bag placement. Keep in mind, your samples will go to their publicist, not directly to the celebrity, but include ways for them to be in touch if they’re interested in more.

Team Up With Sample Subscriptions

More and more subscription services are popping up regularly, offering products for his or her beauty, pets, fashion, healthy snacks, and even crafts. Find which services apply to your target audience and get involved. Some companies even pay you for your samples although others may not. Don’t forget to include company information and information to purchase a full sized product.

Spruce Up Print Materials

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Standard flyers can be pretty boring and will get tossed aside. Choose full color options to grab attention and seek alternative print options like door hangers, tent cards, and bookmarks, all of which are offered by Print Pelican. Make your ad go even further by including a QR code that can lead them to more information about the product and all that your company offers.

Create A Loyalty Program

Customers love saving money and you love their returned business so reward both with a royalty program. You can offer the standard “buy 10 get 1 free” business card or take your business digital with loyalty program apps for smartphones. Be sure your program is attainable and encourage customers to invite their friends to join as well.

Partner With Other Businesses

Cross promoting can be a great way to draw attention to your business while reducing expenses. You can partner with a company to offer mutual discounts or devise an arrangement in exchange for product or advertisement placement at their facilities. You can even offer mutual discounts for employees of the businesses.

Sponsor A Charity

Many charity donations are tax deductible and can bring a lot of positive attention to your business. Find a charity that is compatible with your business views and make a donation. This could include a product basket for raffle auctions or handing out flyers at the event. Many charities display your logo on location and create links on their websites.

Setup A Booth At A Local Event

Events are always looking for sponsors. Set up a booth with information and a giveaway to draw people in. It could be pens, keychains, balloons, or even just candy but you’ll want to offer something. You can even offer your products for sale on location. Make sure the event is appropriate for your product and be present to answer any questions and interact with your potential clientele.

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Some ideas will be better suited for different businesses but the idea is to be creative. Find new ways to advertise that will draw attention and encourage people to look further. In a society that is constantly being bombarded with advertisements, you just have to try a ittle harder to stand out in a crowd.


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