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Having a good idea is imperative for any business seeking to become a success, but it should be something that intertwines with the company’s image. A company which sees itself as being unique should sell unique products and prove unique services and as a growing number of retailers in the US have proved, it’s a winning formula.

Providing customers with something different, especially if it can’t be found in a shopping mall or main street store, can work wonders. We profile a quintet of unique firms in the US who by selling a range of offbeat products have managed to experience rapid growth in a short space of time.

Super snacks

Beginning as a tiny enterprise run by a husband and wife to make a little extra cash, Doc Popcorn is now a business with at least some presence in several US states. How they stand out in the face of competition from the likes of McDonalds and Burger King is by claiming to sell healthy popcorn made with all-natural ingredients, thereby tapping into health-conscious people in the US.

Lumosity are another quirky enterprise which can lay claim to helping with healthy living. They develop popular brain training games for tablets and smartphones, a game genre which has seen its popularity explode of late. Lumosity also have a hand in research into cognitive development, which plays some role in game development.

A man’s world are another offbeat business experiencing significant growth. Now one of Oklahoma’s top companies, they managed to get where they are today by selling interesting gifts designed purely for men – novelty barbecue tools, bottle openers, golf ball cabinets and even wine holders are among the many products they sell.

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Aimed primarily at female customers, Wedding Wire have managed to create a niche for themselves by acting as a hub for all things relating to weddings. On their site, it’s possible to order dresses, cakes, flowers and even a venue for the big day itself. Having all that on the one site can be a time-saver for anyone dreading organizing a wedding.

Superfly Kids, as the name suggests, are a company making products for kids. A fancy dress costume retailer with a difference, how they have managed to get ahead in the past few years is by selling customized superhero capes which can make kids the life and soul of any Christmas, birthday, Halloween or Thanksgiving party!


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