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You might have been on a career break for some time or, due to the pandemic, working endless hours remotely in the comfort of your pajamas and onesies. A return to the workplace leaves you with one challenge: finding clothes to wear to work. If that’s the case, trust that you’re not alone. If you’re stuck on what to wear for your corporate job, we’ve listed below the basics of workplace clothing. You can put these items together to maintain a professional look.


Accessories are important when maintaining a professional look. They can help give your outfits a look more suited for business by dressing them up. Furthermore, you can transform an everyday outfit into a professional masterpiece with the right stud earrings, scarves, bracelets, or necklaces. You can choose to wear classic studs made from gold or sterling silver; however, be mindful of clothing combinations when wearing gemstone jewelry. Try to match the gemstones with your clothing aesthetic and colors. Diamond stud earrings, small hoops, pearl stud earrings, or accessories with beadworks are also great options.

Pencil or A-Line Skirts

For women, it’s always best to invest in a black pencil skirt (unless pants are your thing). A pencil skirt paired with a simple, lovely blouse is an easy way to present yourself professionally in the workplace. You can also opt for a midi pencil skirt, an a-line skirt (if you’re not keen on showing curves), or a long pencil skirt. Generally, if the bottom part of your clothing features dark colors, it’s a great idea to introduce a pop of color at the top with your blouse, blazer, or accessories. Certainly, a little bit of color doesn’t hurt in the office.

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Closed-Toe Shoes

Footwear causes a lot of stress when going back to work. This is especially true for women. Heels, for example, can get very uncomfortable and cause blisters to the feet, while sneakers tend to look unprofessional. If you’re not keeping your heels on for long hours, it’s a good idea to invest in flat pumps. You get to stay comfortable throughout the day while still maintaining a professional look.

Sandals might look good, but they’re often not acceptable in offices. Only wear them when you’re certain your company will allow it. More importantly, make sure all your office shoes are clean and in great condition. Shoes falling apart don’t make for a good professional image of you or your company.

Socks and Tights

When wearing casual shoes like sneakers to work, your best bet will be to pair them with ankle socks. If you choose to wear tights to the office, opt for darker colors like black and gray or neutral tones for a more flawless look. With tights, socks, and hosiery as part of your wardrobe, you’re well equipped for weeks and months when concerning essential clothing items. You can also expand the basics by adding little statement pieces as you make more money.

Sheath Dresses

Sheath dresses are great for women who prefer the conservative office look. When paired with a blazer, it gives you a more structured and professional look since it’s a well-tailored piece meant to enhance your features elegantly. When choosing your sheath dress, avoid one that is too tight and instead invest in a well-fitting option that finishes by your knees or lower. Your sheath dress doesn’t have to be revealing, and as much as possible, choose cool colors like black, deep wine, and beige.

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With these items in your wardrobe, you can get dressed for weeks and months without much thought. Now, go on and pick out your first-day clothes and have fun at your new office.



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