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Suits You Sir

They say clothes make the man so if that’s true, then a watch makes the businessman. Accessorizing your suit, or other dressy work attire, with a watch gives off a sense of confidence and importance. It also helps you keep the time! So, if you want to look the part – and get to meetings on time – keep the following in mind when choosing a timepiece for your wrist:

Choose Analog

Mens watches come in a range of makes, from analog to digital to combo analog/digital. Analog watches are considered more formal than digital watches and should thus be your pick. While they are perfectly functional, digital watches are just way too casual for the real businessman.

You can choose an analog watch with numbers, Roman numerals or nothing but the watch hands. It’s a personal choice but, if pressed for a decision, most would say Roman numerals are the classiest way to go.

Large watch face

When browsing watches, try on several with varying sizes of the watch face. Too small a face can look weird on a bigger guy (more like a ladies watch!) so taller, broader fellows need to pay particular attention. A larger watch face can be a sign of confidence and power, two qualities commonly seen in the business world.

Leather strap

Next, take a moment to consider what color suit, slacks and shoes you usually wear to the office. Leather strap watches are sturdy and sleek but you want to make sure you get one to match your existing wardrobe. Match the leather strap to your shoes, so brown with brown or black with black. Leather straps are more discreet than metal, and are comfortable enough to wear day in and day out.

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Stainless steel

If you prefer a slightly dressier look, opt for a metal watch. Stainless steel watches are classy, durable, and will match everything. You can dress it up, with a suit and tie, to go to the office, or dress it down, with tailored jeans and a button-up shirt, on the weekends.


If you want something flashier, choose a watch with a gold band. It doesn’t need to be a Rolex, but do make sure you research brands online before heading to the retailer to try them on. Lesser quality gold watches can end up looking cheap.

So, businessmen should keep it classy when choosing a watch. Leave the bedazzled, multicolored digital watches to the ultra trendy youngsters!

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