Last Updated on Apr 17, 2020 by James W is a new site that can help you earn money with advertising banners. The idea behind the working is to purchase ad banners on their platform, which run on the third-party websites and supposedly earn you money.

ClicksDealer is an “advertising marketplace” that allows people to earn profit within the marketplace by buying and selling banner ads. These banners and supposedly published on third party websites and when people click on them, you earn money. You can also sell the banner that you own and can earn money within the online advertising ecosystem. The website also provides you with your affiliate link so that you can earn profit by referring to your friends.

How ClicksDealer Works?

The website is nicely designed. The user-interface is also quite simple and easy to understand and navigate in. Here if you find any difficulties you can chat with the account manager and they will help you figure it out. Here the account manager just doesn’t act like the sole sale representatives but also try to understand your needs like a friend and then give you some suggestions, in here you can truly rely on them for the help. 

Here are some mere steps that you need to follow in order to earn by flipping ad-banners:

  • Activating your account is a pretty simple step, all you need to do is to just use your credit-card and link it with your account.
  • Now all you need to do is to just buy an ad-banner from the marketplace. The cost of these banners can range from $25-$25000. You can get all types of banners here may it be related to fashion, automotive, sports, technology and etc. 
  • Once you have purchased a banner, you will start generating revenue with each and every click that the banner receives.   
  • Once you are done with a banner or want to flip it you can also do the same within the ecosystem and generate a revenue from it.   
  • You can also earn by referring the site to your friends using your Clicksdealer affiliate links.
  • The withdrawal process is easy, %100 safe and secured, and takes about between 3 to 5 business days max.   


ClicksDealer is a legitimate online platform if you want to earn money from home by just buying and selling banner ads (or flip them). The website is very neat and is easy to understand and the account managers are helpful too. The steps to create an account and start earning are quite simple and overall the system seems to be legit and trustworthy. 

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