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There comes a time in every student’s life when he or she has to go to college. There is not a single reason to be sorry, since studying is what makes one evolve and develop. Apart of the massive advantages we have here, there are some things that college won’t teach you, especially in regards to life. This is just how they go. Well, in case you wish to know what they are all about, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines! You might just be amazed!


Close your Phone

When you are in a meeting, there is no bigger mistake one could do that letting his phone on the table. ON. Eh, either way it is on or off, it should not be there. And even if it is not on the table, it should be off! This is not what a prolific meeting would look like, so make sure that next time such a meeting comes in, your phone to be away.


Drink for Business – with Limit

When you are in a meeting, especially a business one, you need to drink at least a glass of something. This is the rule in business, so if you are heading to sealing a deal, this is the right time for you. Just don’t drink over limit – drink, as it is said in business, for business, and nothing more.


Think Before Acting

Believe it or not, the first years are best to be passed as being a viewer – not an actor. By this way, you see and watch how things are done, you hear many things and thus, can be able at some time to act with a purpose, on a successful way. In addition, your brain will start to think before acting – and when in business, few things can sometimes blow just by the fresher’s luck.

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Use Business Cards

When you are in a meeting, again, connections are everything you should think of. Start talking with people, hand them in your business card so that they can contact you if they would find your offer suitable and attracting.


Master Communication Skills

College is usually not the best place for a student to master his communication skills. In this case, you need to learn yourself and practice it in the best way one can – by exercising and meeting new people, everyday.


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