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In this digital world, so many people overlook the importance of a physical business card. They think they’ll just make connections on LinkedIn or Twitter. That’s not a bad idea. You can certainly cultivate great relationships online. It’s a new aspect of networking that is flourishing in the global economy. However, nothing beats the art of actually going out and meeting people in real life. Put a face to the tweets and make a real connection.


More and more meetings are taking place virtually. However, truly strong network relationships are built through real life interactions. This is one thing the internet will never completely replace. When you do meet people, they make a stronger connection with you. In order to stick in the mind, you still need a business card. You still need that physical thing that reminds them of you. It still holds every detail and you can show off your personality.


People still expect a business card


Too often I have asked someone for a business card lately and they’ve replied with: “Oh, just find me on Twitter.??? Worse still: “Just Google me???. In this fast paced world, we simply can’t remember everyone we meet. We can’t recall their name and ‘google them’ when we need to. We still need a business card. Many people still have business cards stuck all over a pin board. If you need a service, you glance at the board and look for the person who can help you.


Show your personality


Much like your website, a business card is a chance to show off your talent and creativity. Your ‘personal brand’ is more important than ever in this world of startups and entrepreneurs. Use your business card to make an impression and make sure you are remembered. The function of a business card is to put you in the minds of potential business clients. Simply meeting them isn’t enough. You need something they can take away. The card will stay with them and act as a reminder when they need your service. Use a personal and unique design to make sure you are the first one they call.

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Consider the design


With that in mind, it’s time to come up with a unique design. If you’re stuck for ideas, browse for potential ideas. The trick here is to match the card design to your business. If you’re a graphic designer, you’ll need to show off your creativity here. If you’re a writer, try a typewriter theme. If you’re a photographer, simply use one of your best photographs. You get the idea. Use it to show off your skills, personality and stand out from the crowd. It’s a very difficult thing to get right on such a small space of material! Think of it like a challenge. Really put some thought into it. There are plenty of websites out there you can use for inspiration and ideas.


Although communication and business has moved online, don’t forget the real world. It is still vitally important. In fact, when it comes to relationships, it is much more important to log off the internet and get out there. Meet people face to face, forge real connections and exchange physical business cards. It still matters.



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