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Blogging is perhaps one of the best known modality to make money online – not only will you get some extra income, but also will be able to see your work throughout time. Still, blogging requires more than just dedication – if you want to see yourself as one of the best ranked and well-paid blogger, it will require hard work and lots of your free time. After opening a blog, most of their owners manage to get a short cut to success, but there’s no such thing as that in the media platform. Let’s have a look at some various reasons why most bloggers are broke:


Nowadays, it is extremely hard to find one bloggers whom to follow – and there’s no wonder why, since the number of blogs we use to come across with every single day makes it extremely hard to remember at least two of them. In this case, the blog’s quality is a risky business that, if not worked out as expected, can lead any owner to being broke.

Poor promotion

All bloggers say promotion is the key to success – and there’s no doubt it really is! You will never get to meet something wonderful only if it comes across to your vision. In short, if you do not show off your work, no one will ever be able to see it! So go ahead, use all of your weapons and share your hard work through anything like social media platforms, emails and the list can continue!

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Advertising and marketing

It is undoubtedly the best method to use when you want to make money online. Still, make sure not to abuse of it! No visitor will ever be glad to access all of the advertising boxes he may encounter when accessing your blog – instead, he will run as soon as possible from it and you will become in a matter of days nothing but a broke blogger.


By definition, a blog is a share of thoughts of information with the others. In this case, what we can easily understand from here is the fact that, as a blog owner, it is highly recommended to keep up the conversations you have with your readers – a respectful answer may lead you to new opportunities! So go ahead, share your information with your followers and answer to all of their questions – that’s why they were on your blog on the first place.

These being said, there are numerous reasons why most bloggers are broke, but the main idea consists in avoiding them, not taking them as a way of blogging!


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