When I first started blogging, I was incredibly stupid guy. Yeah, the right word is stupid. I was believing to some people who were saying that blogging could make me rich overnight. Oh boy, so wrong. Nothing can make your rich overnight but still, there was a big part of me believing those people.

Like lot of my friends and almost every newbie out there, I got suckered into thinking that all I needed is some talent for writing, a website and some desire and soon enough, I will be drinking mojitos on some beach in Costa Rica.

While I really loved how that sounded, it was impossible. The truth is: There is no overnight success in blogging. No. Not even a slight chance. I realized the truth soon enough but I wasn’t anywhere near giving up.

I said: ”So what? It takes more time, more courage and more brain but I could still make it.”

And I did. But it took me a lot longer than I expected.

In my first year I was earning peanuts. My highest monthly earnings were around $100. It was ridiculous to even think about drinking mojitos on a beach somewhere in Costa Rica. I could barely survive in Africa in desert with that income.

So I started thinking what I was doing wrong. I monetized my blog through Adsense and I was also putting some random affiliate links on my website.

Well, everything I was doing regarding monetizing my blog was wrong. Adsense is ugly, stupid and it doesn’t bring real money. If you want to earn a living through blogging, forget about Adsense. It simply doesn’t exist for you.

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Don't Get Beaten By Your Blog

Another thing I was doing wrong is I was simply putting affiliate links thinking that people need to purchase something using my affiliate link. I was focusing a lot on what people were telling me instead of using common sense.

But my biggest mistake was not creating an email list and capturing subscribers. My focus was on getting traffic, doing SEO and ranking my website up to the top. While all that was needed, it wasn’t crucial.

You’ve probably already heard the phrase: ”Money is in the list”.

The truth has been spoken so many times. No matter how many visitors you bring on your website, they will stick for only couple of minutes or even less. Maybe you won’t even get a chance to sell them anything which will result in almost no sales.

So what is the reason why you’re not making enough money with your blog?

Your email list is too short or doesn’t even exist. If you want real money, try having 20,000 subscribers. You will be rich, I guarantee!




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