Have you ever wondered how much does it weight your social accounts on finding or maintaining a position in your current job? Would you like to make it both online and offline? Nowadays, what you post on your social accounts has no turning back. Still, with some tips and tricks you are getting closer to making your life easier to live. Make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to see how to work on your LinkedIn Profile as an all-star user! This might be your key to success.


  1. Spice up your Summary

Believe it or not, we all like to write on your LinkedIn Profiles every little thing we did professionally. Sharing with the others our achievements, diplomas, courses taken, every kind of details like these is gorgeous. Still, since there are so many people on LinkedIn already, to make it easier and more appealing to the reader would be to make a summary of your profile and write down all the positions that you held before. In addition, make sure you have all the relevant sections filled with relevant information that are always, but always up to date.


  1. Bolding the Advanced Search

By this way, you can find recruiters easier than ever before by adding some words on the Advanced Search. Next move would be writing to them or applying to the jobs you are interested in, still one important aspect about the Advanced Search would be that you need to upgrade to a Premium LinkedIn Profile. Even though it is pricy, I strongly recommend to use the 30 days free trial that is at your hands at anytime now.

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  1. Choose Wisely

There are thousands if not millions of people on LinkedIn. Just like in real life, you truly have to build your community wisely, with relevant information in regards to the others. People and recruiters will definitely see the people around your profile, reason why they will make a first impression about you in a minute – and we all know how hard is it to change the first impression. If you are adding to your connections recuriter after recruiter, it is a good sign you are looking for a job – which means people interested in you as their employee would be more than glad to add you to their connections and fortunately, to their businesses and companies.


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