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Like any relationship, there are various occasions and events that represent opportunities for presenting corporate gifts to your clients. Whether it’s a welcome or “onboarding” gift, homecoming, family or business milestone or holiday present, the gesture will show your clients your gratitude and generous nature whilst reminding them of your dedication to your partnership. Choosing an appropriate gift that is thoughtful, yet professional, can be challenging. Here are five easy gift ideas for your clients:

1. Boxed Gift Sets

No matter how subtle one may seem on the surface, receiving a present that can be unwrapped or unboxed is exciting at every age. The only difference when your recipient is your business client is swapping the Barbies or toy sets for corporate gifts. From engraved pen sets to a cheese set complete with a serving platter and knife, you can choose from a variety of different boxed gift sets based on the occasion.

2.  The Classic Hamper

A mixed hamper with a personally addressed card is a timeless gift idea, especially if your clients are a team as you can get a larger size that contains enough goodies for everyone. Arrange for a hamper filled with a variety of confectionary, savoury snacks, small branded goods and a bottle of wine is perfect for seasonal holidays, anniversaries or milestones. For long-term and important clients, make sure you cater for their dietary requirements where necessary. After all, you want them to be able to enjoy their gift, not to feel excluded.

3. A Gift Voucher or Tickets

A versatile and practical choice, gifting tickets can easily be distributed by hand or mail without any fear of getting damaged along the way. If you have an idea of your client’s tastes, seasonal passes to art exhibitions, theatre or sporting events can be a thoughtful and exciting way to say thank you for their business.

4. Bar and Wine Accessories

For a more special occasion like a business milestone, a client’s wedding or seasonal holiday, opt for a more indulgent gift like a set of corporate bar and wine accessories. Do not skip on adding a personal touch; print your logo and a message on an ice cooler filled with wine or beers, a smaller wine cooler box or a luxurious, custom picnic set.

5. Branded Stationery Sets

Office and stationery related gifts are popular because they are suitable for all clients regardless of their age, gender and personal interests. It’s also a very versatile gift category as you can choose from a humble pen or highlighter set to a more creative option like a handcrafted bamboo stationary set with a desk caddy or clock. These simple gifts are the perfect go-to for newer clients you’re not too well acquainted with yet, large teams or for celebrating small milestones or gifting as part of a work-related promotion.

6. Festive Sweet Treats

Candies and confectionary are always well-received gifts – just be careful not to overdo it. You don’t want to swamp your client with an abundance of sugary snacks to the point that they are offering them out. Small, simple and custom sets are key for corporate sweet treats. Choose from diverse packaging options like beautiful branded glass jars, printed noodle boxes, fun-shaped boxes like hearts or stars or if you’re feeling especially festive – a chocolate champagne bottle exterior filled with candy!

No matter which of these ideas you end up going with, don’t let the excitement of gift-giving make you forget to add a personal touch. Your brand logo on the packaging is not enough, always leave a card or gift tag and aim to sign your name, by hand to show your client, your respect and gratitude.

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