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Everyone wants to earn money and children are no different. Children learn spending at an early age: They see parents spend at stores and pay bills. Kids use buy candy, chocolate, soda and other goodies. Older children require money to fund hobbies while others may need an income for their studies. Out-of-the-box and conventional ideas can help children earn money.

Manoeuvring through complex laws

Before we explore how kids can make money, it is advisable to get acquainted with basic labour laws. Many countries do not permit children below a particular age to engage in any type of paid activities. Parents or wards can face stiff charges and penalties – from heavy cash fines to jail and in some cases, loss of custody- if their child is found working for money.

There are certain jobs and professions that children are allowed to take and others that are not. For example, any work that risks a child’s life for any reason is considered hazardous. Work considered detrimental to child health, jobs that cause kids to neglect studies or make them uncomfortable can be deemed as child abuse- a very serious and punishable offense. Before allowing your child to earn money in any manner, ascertain it is permitted under local laws. If in doubt, consult your lawyer.

Kids learn vital lessons through earning

Earning money can be fun and educating provided the child finds the right sort of work. An income teaches a child to attain some degree of self sufficiency. It works as a miracle confidence booster. Kids learn vital inter-personal skills since any work means interaction with strangers and the outside world. In addition, children can acquire new set of skills or find expression to their hobbies, through work.

Children can work from home or venture outdoors if required for earning money. Some jobs are easy and can be found within the neighbourhood or at the school campus. Regardless, supervision by an adult is always advisable.

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Running errands is fun, educating and profitable

This is a great, centuries old traditional job for kids. Despite the advent of online shopping, children are useful to run errands to nearby stores to pick up that pack of cereals or bread and other items. You can approach your neighbours every morning and draw a list of items they require immediately but cannot buy online. These can be bought from the nearest shop and distributed according to the list. You can charge a small fee per item. Remember, liquor, cigarettes and other tobacco products as well as medicines are not sold to children.

Walking dogs and feeding pets

Also a traditional favourite, children are useful to walk dogs and feed pets. However, some basic training on handling canines with care, maintaining hygiene in gardens, public places and walking tracks, types of animal food is essential. A lot of people in your area do not have adequate time to walk their dogs or are too tired to do so. People going away for weekends or longer holidays and business trips also require somebody to care for their pets. If you love animals, this is the right job to make money. Find out how much a canine club charges for sheltering and feeding a dog during its master’s absence. You can price your services competitively.

Caring for the elderly and indisposed

These jobs are easy to come by and can be found within the vicinity of your home. Elderly people always require help at hand. They need someone to fetch them a glass of water or switch on the TV and answer the phone while asleep. Some are lonely and only need company. Taking money from a senior citizen for such work may appear brazen. But you will be surprised at the number of grannies and grandpas eagerly willing to pay fairly well for such small work.

Managing bakery and confectionery counters

Children are more comfortable transacting business with other kids. Working for a nearby bakery or confectionary store is a great job. They attract lots of young customers who walk in alone or with parents. Having another kid suggest a pastry or sweet adds to the thrill of buying. Working at a bakery or confectionery can be a great educational experience too. You will learn a great deal about the way such stuff is made.

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Coach and referee for young stars

This is a job for teenagers serious about any particular sport. Holding training sessions to coach younger kids in the sport is a great way to earn money. Parents are more concerned over the health of their children and willingly support sports activities. You may need to buy a small first-aid box to treat any injuries. Beware of boisterous kids and bullies who may try to harm other learners in the group. A manageable sized group of trainees will bag a handsome income for you.

Gardening for kids with green fingers

Nobody wants a garden full of weeds and useless shrubs. Hiring professional gardeners can cost considerably. People look for helpers for clearing weeds, uprooting unwanted bushes and grass, putting fertilizer and mowing lawn. Watering the garden and trimming plants is something that is required daily to maintain a good garden. Children and students taking such work can find good pay. Learn how to plant a kitchen garden and offer your skills to people.

Florist and flower arranger

Use your creative skills to design exclusive bouquets and arrangements of flowers.  The flora can be gathered from nearby gardens. You will require some basic stuff like scissors and paper used for bouquets to begin with. Arranging flowers at people’s homes and creating floral designs can be done easily. You can earn a decent income round the year with this work.

Plenty of vistas online too

While jobs involving physical work are aplenty, easy availability of the Internet has opened new vistas for children wanting to earn a few bucks. There are hundred of different ways for a teenager to make money online .If you or your child wishes to work through the Internet, here are some vital tips.

  • Several e-commerce websites permit access only to user above a specific age such as 12 years or 18 years and above. Wrong declaration of age can lead to losses when conducting transactions.
  • Children working online can encounter websites with inappropriate content. Parental control is advisable.
  • Youngsters and adults both need to beware of phishing scams and fake e-commerce websites that make tall claims but flee with your money.
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Online data entry

This involves filling out forms and tables. Raw data is provided by the employing firm while you simply cut and paste the words in appropriate rows and columns.

Use your writing skills

An increasing number of companies are looking for independent reviews of their products in the form of blogs. If you have excellent writing skills, you could pen a blog for these companies for money.

Online surveys for products and services

An entertaining way to earn money online, several companies offer incentives such as cash and gifts for people taking surveys on the Internet such as globaltestmarket website which  help to teenager to make more money . Payment comes in form of e-vouchers that can be printed and exchanged for stuff.

Online coaching and tutoring

You can sell your expertise in a subject or topic online by offering services as a coach or tutor. Web-based tutoring is commonplace and incomes are very lucrative, if you play it right.

Watching online advertisements

Access is limited to people above 14 years only. Companies actually pay to make you watch their advertisements. Because your viewing increases their online popularity.

Online proofreading

Publishing companies short-strapped for staff enlist the services of people with good language skills to work as proof readers. The work involves reading texts and correcting the grammar, adding appropriate punctuations.

Online referrals

Referring your friends and relatives online to try a certain product or services can also earn you some money. You will have to provide email ID and contact details of the persons you refer.


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