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What would you do to increase your conversion rate by 50% right now? Increase your advertising? Produce more content? Invest more time and efforts into marketing? Here are 22 things you can do right now to improve your conversions, without trying any of the above.

1. Create Urgency

A feeling of scarcity helps motivate buyers. For example, limited goods, and limited offer period seem to work well. Don’t fake scarcity just to get buyers; you’ll lose credibility.

2. Develop A Clever Sales Funnel

Don’t push people to sign up immediately; people need time to commit. Build trust, prove your expertise and develop a relationship with your customer over several contacts with customer.

3. Address Objections

People will be conflicted whether to buy or not, so anticipate and address their objections via sales copy, sales video, customer testimonials that address how specific needs were satisfied and so on.

4. Build Site Credibility

Provide third-party testimonials, citations, articles from experts, articles published in famous magazines, trust symbols, security symbols and even social media proof to build site credibility.

5. Show The Company Behind The Site

List a physical address and provide a map where customers can locate you. Put up pictures of your offices. Display detailed profiles of employees, along with personal details and pictures.

6. Highlight Your Subject Matter Expertise

Let your expertise come across via your site’s content. If anyone on your team is a product or service providers’ certified authority, profile that person and put up articles written by him or her.

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7. Make It Easy To Contact You

Populate your Contact Us page with multiple email addresses along with names and designations in different departments. Also provide phone numbers, physical address and social media contacts.

8. Optimize Your Headline

Your headline should be believable, strong and convincing, and help promote your main offer. Your headline should literally sell your product, as 5 times as many people read only the headline.

9. Prepare A Compelling Value Proposition

Describe the uniqueness of your company, products and service offerings in your value proposition. Refine and test different versions of it till you finalize your value proposition.

10. Update Your Site Design

Make sure your site looks professional; many people evaluate your credibility based on visual design alone. Pay attention to consistency, layout, typography, images and quality, error-free content.

11. Make The Site Easy To Use

Keep your layout simple and navigation easy to use. Provide a site map so the user knows where he or she is. Text should be brief, to the point, and all CTAs should be bold and easy to find.

12. Restrain The Hype

Whether it’s promotional content, text or visual effects, restrain hype. No one likes blinking banners, popups, celebrity pictures, and brazen designs and so on. People associate such effects with spam.

13. Review For Errors

Review your content, even guest posts, carefully wrong spellings, grammar, sentence structure, formatting, broken links and avoidable language. Errors can seriously bring down your credibility.

14. Make The Purchase Process Easy

Your purchase process must be intuitive, self-evident and should have as few clicks as possible. Guide the user at each step. The user shouldn’t be confused between the next step and any other CTA.

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15. Regularly Update Content

Post content often; when your site gets reviewed more often, people assign more credibility to you. An abandoned site blog says “out of business”, even if you’re not. So keep it updated often.

16. Don’t Provide Too Many Options

When you offer too many choices, too often visitors end up choosing nothing. Limit your CTA to one or two at the most, and make sure your CTAs are easy to spot so the user knows exactly what’s expected.

17. Don’t Ask For Too Much Information

Ask only for what you absolutely need for signup or purchase. If your forms have too many fields, you risk losing your visitor. Test your form fields repeatedly, and use auto-complete wherever possible.

18. Let Signing Up Be Optional

Sometimes a visitor looks at your offer and decides to purchase immediately. A mandatory sign up window at this stage will only annoy the visitor. Don’t force the visitor to sign up in order to purchase.

19. Provide Proof

You can provide proof in terms of customer testimonials, case studies, research papers from scientific tests and studies, third-party reviews, social proof, product demo videos and so on.

20. Eliminate Distractions

Test your page from buyer perspective and remove all that is non-essential to conversion. Shrink the menu, get rid of big headers, sidebars, non-relevant images, and banner Ads, popups and so on.

21. Offer Guarantees

Guarantees help reduce purchase risks. You can offer money-back if not satisfied, or a 30-day money-back return policy, 20% guaranteed discount on next purchase and so on.

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22. Do Split Tests

Continuously test two versions of your landing page, driving 50% of your traffic to each one. Alter the headline, CTA and other elements in both versions before you test.


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