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If you’re a nonprofit or charity in search of new ways to raise funds so that you can continue fighting for your cause, it can be difficult to come up with those that will bring in the most money. What’s more, not every fundraising idea will suit your organization, so you must carefully choose those that work best for your initiative, your donors, and your volunteers. Here are a few effective ideas you can consider: 

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Auction Off Skills

This first idea is a good one to consider since you don’t need much to set it up. Instead of auctioning off physical items, which can take a while to collect in the run up to a charity event, you can auction skills and services like music lessons, tutoring, a ride in a fire truck, a wash and blow-dry, etc. Simply ask your volunteers, staff, and the surrounding community whether there are any services they are willing to donate. This is also something you can hold online if you are worried about complying with the restrictions related to Covid-19. Receiving donations will be simpler this way since many of us have ditched cash for contactless payments anyway. For example, CheqrPay’s software allows non-profits to accept donations online across multiple device types.

Car Wash

Charity car washes are popular events, and it’s easy to see why. They are a proven way to raise cash fast, and all you need is some cleaning supplies, access to water, and a few signs up around the community. And, as the summer months have finally arrived, it’s the perfect time to hold one. You might want to advertise the car wash on social media beforehand to ensure you get as many customers as possible. Consider adding a refreshment stand to raise even more funds from the customers waiting in line.

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If you don’t have the time or the space to hold an event, wristbands are a great alternative. You can have customized wristbands made with your charity’s logo or colors and ask local businesses to sell them on your behalf. These are great for raising awareness as well as donations – just be sure to have them made from high-quality materials so that they last. You can buy wristbands easily online, and you can usually get a good discount if you buy in bulk.

Bake Sale

Who doesn’t love cake? And what’s better than knowing that, by treating yourself to some sugary goodness, you are also contributing to a good cause? You can invite your friends and family as well as your volunteers to bake something for the sale, and you can host it pretty much anywhere. All you’ll need is space to set up a table, so you might want to ask a local leisure center, school, or church if they would be willing to let you use their venue. The more you bake, the more money you will raise, so you’ll need to set aside some baking days before the event.

These are all great ways to raise some much-needed funds, but remember to always adhere to covid restrictions.


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