Are you a designer or someone whose inspiration goes beyond the limits? Are you ready to show the world what you own, but don’t seem to know how to rightly do that? If so, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines. We might have exactly what you need – some apps that are ought to making your life so much easier and great to live with! All you need to do is to see what we have prepared for you and whether or not any of them suit you – and trust me, at least one would do!


Loose Leaf

At $4.99 on iOS, any designer can create diagrams, add his thoughts and doodle anything he wants. It is extremely easy to use and at your hands at any time. When you are a designer, there is nothing more frustrating that loosing your inspiration! So, what are you looking or waiting for?



One of the free iPhone or iPad applications, POP is what you need – it makes any sketch come alive in a matter of seconds by connecting your idea with the ones already online and see how it would look in the end. In addition, it provides you with some more inspiration to make your outcome just the one expected – or even better! A little bit of help is always welcome.



This one is preferably used to mark what you have found, where and thus, to share your thoughts with others. By this way, you can add a note on the map and then send your spot to others in real time! They will be more than excited to see what you have come up with. Any designer should have this application on his phone, especially due to the fact that it is totally free on iOS.

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Adobe Color

Have you ever found that beautiful and great color, the one that suits you perfectly? Would you want to add it to your portofolio, to know its name or at least to be able to find it some more time later? Well, I know I have always done. So, now it is possbile! The designer inside you can easily make it happen nowadays due to the Adobe Color, the application that can be found on iOS for free. You can either get the perfect color you have spotted or refine your images by changing the color intensity.


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