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small business marketing tips

The marketing and promotion of a small business requires a specific approach or strategy. This may be a challenge if your business has limited resources or advertising budget. However, a small budget does not need to limit the reach of your brand to potential customers. This will require creative methods that produce the best results from the marketing campaign for a small business.



Business owners can easily do this by keeping a list of blogs that offer tips. Blogs can be used as a new tool or to keep your marketing strategy up-to-date and producing the desired results. This will require a minimum of five sites where bloggers offer creative ways to market and promote a business. There will be information that can be applied to an online business or to a local franchise.


Small Business Trends

This blog is an authority for small businesses that need to expand their brand online. The owner of this blog and the CEO is Anita Campbell. This blog features articles and news from marketing experts who focus on the newest trends and strategies for generating sales leads. There are a variety of tips that can offer insight and ideas to any small business owner.


Small Business Branding

Small business owners who want to find creative and inexpensive ways to market their brand can read various posts on this blog. There is a team of authors who regularly post on the blog. One of the main authors who offers branding advice is Ed Roach. He offers various posts about effectively branding an online business to a target audience. Posts are both interesting and informative.

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The Franchise King

This is the blog for franchise consultant Joel Libava. He is not affiliated with any type of franchise and offers helpful advice to small business owners. The posts on the blog are informative and useful for the small business owner. The information offered in each blog post can be applied to any small business. The insight offered on the blog can be used to achieve marketing success for your business.


Duct Tape Marketing

This blog is maintained John Jantsch who is a marketing consultant and author of The Referral Engine book offered on Amazon. The marketing techniques that are offered on his blog are a simple, effective, and affordable option for any small business owner. If you are short on cash and time, then this blog is a great tool for your marketing efforts. You will learn about new trends, using social media, and all the tools for effectively marketing your business.



Marketing solutions for small business owners are provided to readers of this blog. Readers will find a wealth of information about traditional SEO, local SEO, mobile, and other marketing methods that can be used by a small business owner. Many blog authors offer advice that goes against the usual methods for marketing and promoting a small business. Their goal is to find lessons for marketing in places that are different from the norm.


Written by Beth Gadd

Beth runs a small business in IT related field. She operates at home while also had her virtual offices set up recently.

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