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Everybody dreams of earning thousands of dollars through eCommerce. This is entirely possible, as the success story of millionaire marketer Matthew Lepre will tell you. 

From being a college dropout, Matthew founded the Ecom Warrior Academy. With this mentorship program, he was able to help a lot of students make a crazy amount of money in just a short period. 

Like these clients, you too can create a profitable dropshipping store. Get to learn how they did it (and how you can do it, too) by reading these Ecom Warrior Academy testimonials

Student 1: Earned 1.03k in 15 Days with No Dropshipping Business Experience!

Even if you’re new to the world of e-Commerce, Matt will help you navigate it. Just take the case of one of Matthew Lepre’s clients who hit his affiliate marketing goal of 1.03k in just 15 days. 

At first, the student felt disheartened because the revenue in his online store started slow. But with his perseverance and the help of the Ecom Warrior Academy mentoring program, he was able to make thousands of dollars in half a month. 

If you’re a newbie like this client, Matthew Lepre’s training program is perfect for you. It features the foundation for success, aka everything you need to know about the online business model. 

Some of the things you’ll learn here include researching products, building and automating your shop, and launching a successful ad campaign, to name a few. 

Student 2: Ecom Warrior Academy Helped Him Find the Right Product

While you can sell almost anything online, it does not mean that you should sell whatever tickles your fancy. For your dropshipping project to be successful, you need to peddle a top-selling product. 

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So how do you do this in a world full of competition? With the support of Ecom Warrior Academy, of course! Thanks to Matthew Lepre, you’ll learn more about the ins and outs of product research. 

In his training video, you’ll learn how to discover the right products through Facebook, AliExpress, or a local dropshipping center. He will also teach you how to validate your items, as well as the four products you should never invest in. 

As one of the students attests, “It’s all about finding the right product!” And because he was able to do so with Matt’s help, he gets to take home about $1,500 every month. 

Student 3: Product Testing Works

According to an Ecom Warrior Academy review, Matt’s courses are worth the price tag. That’s because you get access to additional perks that will help your eCommerce business.

One such perk is product selection, where Matt Lepre helps you pick and test the best products to sell. Given his vast experience, he has developed a clinical eye for items that sell and those that don’t.

With the help of Matthew’s mentoring calls, his student was able to make a $7,000 profit in just one month. Now, he’s taking the product testing phase more seriously up until he reaches his long-term goal of $10,000 a month. 

Student 4: Ad Campaign Helped Double eCommerce Store Profit

Ecom Warrior Academy goes beyond the usual investment strategies. It also sheds light on Facebook ads and how they can help you make more money online. 

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Enjoying this benefit is William, one of the many success stories you’ll see here. With the help of Matt’s easy-to-follow dropshipping course, he was able to pinpoint the right campaign budget and ad sets. As expected, it helped boost his revenue to a whopping $425 in merely one day. 

Like William, you can make money fast with the support of Matt Lepre and his online training course. With modules focusing on the Facebook Ad theory and the right way to implement a campaign, you’re sure to draw a lot of business with your well-executed ads. 

Student 5: More Sales on His Shopify Store Even if He’s Working on Another

While it’s good to focus on your shop, this shouldn’t stop you from setting your sights on other businesses. This is what the Ecom Warrior Academy course will teach you on the Shop Automation module. 

As proven by one of Matt’s clients, he was able to generate three sales even as he was working on another Shopify business. 

Like him, you can make this possible by signing up for Matt’s mentoring program. Here, you’ll learn more about automating your shop through order fulfillment, customer service, tracking orders, and hiring a VA. Doing so allows you to focus on another profit-earning website. 

While some may think that Matthew Lepre is a scam, these reviews show that his website is legit and helpful. If you’re looking to succeed in this marketing business model, sign up for the Ecom Warrior Academy training program today. 


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