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Choosing between failure and success

Are you passing though a tough moment in your life? Do you think this is the worst feeling you can get, and that it is a sign for you to resign and stop doing anything you used to? If so, let me say you are not on the right path to succeed! And I will show you why. Throughout time, there were hundreds but not billions of people who managed to become more successful than they have ever thought to get in a lifetime – if you have your visual memory developed, you probably have noticed the massive difference between hundreds and billions – and here is where the successful people and the ones who failed start to define. A success is, by definition, the process of failing continuously until you are good enough not to fail again – at least, not that hard. In this case, we might add that success is what it takes to turn yourself into a priceless creator, such as the next five successful people who failed at first, throughout their lives. So, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning this subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye on the following lines – you could find the motivation to stand up and continue your path to make your dreams come true!

1. Bill Gates

Probably the best known personality all around the world, this billionaire managed to drop out college and failed all of his exams. While his best friend went to University, he did not wanted to follow the same path and this choice got him something farer – way farer, too far from any of his childhood friends. His first business idea failed, while he and his friend and co-founder Paul Allen founded the Microsoft corporation. Believe it or not, only when he tried the second time he finally managed to found Microsoft on his own!

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2. Oprah Winfrey

One of the richest and best known women from all over the world, Oprah is usually recognized due to her iconic face and tough career. In addition, while he was a child, she endured numerous abusive strikes in her family. Another tough moment in her life was definitely when she was working as a reporter and was fired because she was ‘unfit’ for TV.

3. Harland David Sanders

Best known as the KFC founder, this cook and entrepreneur managed to get his recipe at some of the best chefs that managed to pay him a commission for using his mind. Still, before reaching that point, Sanders was knowing from door to door, being rejected for 1009 times until someone offered him the time and chance to get another life – a better one, definitely!

4. Jeanne Moreau

How would you feel if someone tells you can not work for your passion just because you are not pretty enough? Such a reason is surely a heartache, and that’s exactly what Jeanne Moreau felt when a movie casting director rejected her due to the fact she did not fit the profile. Still, over years, she managed to become one of the best known and  paid actresses!

5. Akio Morita

This name may appear odd to you, and there’s no wonder why – but the company he found is surely a common one to hear – Sony. The first product was a rice cooker, which was sold in less than 100 units. Still, Morita and his partners were driven enough to try again and again and again until the company turned into a multi-billion dollar one!

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