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Have you ever heard the saying „this is no good thing to do; forbidden???? For how long did others manage to stop you from doing what you want? The main reason why they would say that is just because they would love to do what you have in mind – the only thing that does not seem to be okay with them is the courage. They lack it, and if they can’t do it, so should you – from their point of view, you should not do that! Still, regardless their useless speaking, here are 5 things you should do no matter what others say in a lifetime!


  1. Chase Your Dream

Regardless of what people say, you should always but always chase your dream. Make sure not to stop until you see it fulfill, on this own bare feet and ready to conquer the world! No great personality has ever stopped from their dream – make sure you not do this if you want to live and dream big!


  1. See the Glass Half-Full

Who said you should see it half-empty? Maybe half-empty to pour some drink in it and say a great cheers to life! Seeing the glass half-full turns you into a positive thinker, one that should definitely gather positive people around him and on top of that, keep the negativists away from the zone!


  1. Listen to Your Soul and Heart

I know these two might make your choice rather difficult, but trust me – nothing is more fulfilling and self-satisfying that listening to your inside. To what your soul craves for or what he wants in 2015. It is the beginning of a new year, so what about some changes, miss/mister?

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  1. Live the Moment

Be there and act like you are with both your mind and soul there! Living the moment makes your life so much more than just a common one – take some time to have fun, be there with both your mind and soul and don’t think of anything else – just about you and your friends and take advantage of the great time spent together!


  1. Music ON!

Believe it or not, music is a great soul relief! Anytime you have a harsh time, this is the moment when you should turn your music on and let it fill you, from head to toe! What are you still waiting for? Start creating the best playlist 2015 has ever seen or heard!


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