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Several new trends are being made in the marketing and PR industry when it comes to brands emphasizing their name. However, the consensus lies within the fact that these trends can quickly become cliche and run out of steam. Marketers today need to be on their toes to bring the best ideas within moments of notice. This also brings us the challenge of keeping ideas fresh and campaigns interesting enough to retain the audience. One more strategy that you will observe in promotional tactics for brand events is the shock effect. Usually, unconventional ideas grab the most amount of attention in public and virtual events, making it a popular course of action. If you’re a marketer searching for unique ways that will stun your audience into being actively curious, these tips will help. Take a look at our list curated by experts in brand promotions and events.

  1. Start with early bird offers: One of the easiest ways to grab the attention (and data) of potential customers is by inviting the audience to early bird offers. Discounts, privileges, and benefits given over and above the usual are strategies that will always entice the masses. Take a look at the example of restaurants and salons, which provide introductory offers, complimentary add-ons, and other perks at their launch events. 
  • Make things interesting: Keeping things fun and unique in event promotion always pays off. Using the element of mystery by revealing just about enough to give the audience a sneak peek into what awaits generates eagerness.  For instance, using Custom Mascot Costumes without context at the right locations can gather a lot of interest from the public! This makes the target audience more invested in your PR activities, especially if they are interactive. Use powerful visuals, customizations, and gamification to turn your event into a crowd-pleaser.
  • Improve your content marketing skills: Even though Chat.gpt may be taking over the content market, the value of good old creativity can never be overridden. If you think you have some geniuses on board, help them curate powerful content that touches souls instead of delivering mere information. There is meaning behind content that understands human sentiment and seeks to ease its pain points through empathetic content.
  • Work with influential personalities, role models, or speakers:  Thought leaders, big thinkers, and influencers are personalities the world looks up to. When it comes to promoting your brand at your event, inviting these personalities can make a huge difference. The power they hold to ‘influence’ the masses is their USP- use that to your advantage and invite these revered celebrities to help you amplify your message over social media.
  • Create a social media competition: Never underestimate the power of the human competitive spirit, which now spans across consumerism! Create fun and engaging contests for your target audience to win goodies, freebies, and vouchers for your brand’s products and services. Not only will this introduce them to your amazing offerings but also likely lead to rapid conversions.
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Final Word:

The brands that take all the steps necessary to ensure that they stay ahead in terms of innovative strategies are the ones who stay relevant in this market. As competition between brands gets more creative in terms of campaigns. Promotional tactics that are fresh and appeal to the larger section of the audience can gain quick traction. Trends seem to be built overnight, but there is a lot of thinking and creative genius behind the wave created. 


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