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We live in an uncertain world, which is one of the many reasons why insurance exists. It’s an important part of most people’s lives, and in many places or businesses you are required to have some form of insurance in order to operate. While we are all familiar with many of the most common forms of insurance, a person can really insure almost anything these days for the right price. Here are some of the weirdest types of insurance that you can buy on the market today.

1. Alien Invasion Insurance – While we currently have no evidence to suggest that intelligent life not only exists in the universe outside of our planet, and that they have developed interstellar travel, and that they would want to invade our world, you can never be too careful. And the ones who are left to battle for an increasingly unstable and unlivable Earth are the fortunate ones. That’s why there is also a number of policies that a person can buy to cover alien abduction, so that if you’re actively taken by invaders, likely to find out what sorts of weaknesses humans have and how best to eradicate them, you can be sure that control chip removal and therapy will be paid for by your insurance company.

2. Pet Insurance – This one seems really silly, but it honestly isn’t. While a person can pick up a pet from a local shelter very easily, many people are looking for pure bred animals that they may be able to breed themselves one day or show professionally. Some of these animals can cost thousands of dollars to purchase, an investment that can be wiped out by a botched medical procedure, a disease, an allergy to food, or even an inattentive driver. No amount of money will replace a beloved animal, but at the very least the investment that you made will be covered and you only have to deal with the grief of the loss of a friend.

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3. Hole in One Insurance – Many golfers go their entire lives dreaming of accomplishing this and never even see one. It’s an incredibly rare event, one that relies more on luck than skill, and one never knows when it might happen. That’s part of the reason why a lot of courses offer a Hole in One prize to draw wide eyed players on the off chance they may get the illusive shot. However, since these prizes tend to be pretty substantial, golf courses who offer them will often take out insurance so that if they have to actually pay for that rare, lucky shot, they won’t be bankrupted by somebody else’s good fortune.

4. Ransom Insurance – A lot of people, especially major policy makers, have to live their lives under constant threat from opportunists who are looking to make a bundle on their lives and loved ones. While many of these people are independently wealthy, what a lot of kidnappers don’t understand is that that money isn’t always liquid and available immediately. Often it can take months to get millions of dollars, and that sort of wait could endanger the kidnapped person. Ransom insurance can make sure that if you need to pay a ransom, it is available quickly and reliably.

5. Body Part Insurance – Many people attribute the first celebrity to insure a specific part of their body as being famous cross-eyed vaudevillian Ben Turpin, who had a $20,000 insurance policy in case his eyes went straight. Now a number of people have insured specific parts of their body, especially when they have become famous for them. For example, Heidi Klum insured her legs in case of accident or injury since they are remarkably important to her career. Jennifer Lopez famously insured her back side for a billion dollars, though specifics on what constitutes a legitimate claim on that policy aren’t widely available. If your livihood is in any way linked to a particular body part, you can make sure that it will always be taken care of.

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In today’s world you can insure almost anything, so if you have something that you are particularly invested in, it might be a good idea to assess the risk and determine if insurance is the way to go to protect it.


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