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If you’re a stay at home mom and you need to make some extra cash working from home, then this blog post can help you. Work from home can take a lot of your time and energy if not managed properly. Right from the start you can’t loose any time and you need to focus on the the work,  but the good side of this job is that you can take care of your family first and be with them all the time.

Work from home tips can help you a lot if  you’re just starting or even if you’re professional. I can tell you this with certainty since I have a lot of “work from home” experience working online over the past couple of years.

And there is no much difference because I’m a male,  since working from home can be useful both for males and females, there is just a difference in type of jobs that are more attractive to females and especially moms that have just lost their jobs or are waiting for new opportunity.Moms can use these tips to start making extra online income for their children while at the same time working what they love.

5 Work From Home Tips for Moms:


1. Start Your Own Blog

This tip is the most important one, you need to start your blog in order to get new customers and have a place where all of your work can be at your fingertips. Your blog will become a central part for your customers and you will be able to work from home without wasting your time on hundreds of other websites and opportunities. You will be more focused and will always know where to start from, which will lead to more free time to spend with your family.

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2. Investigate Your Competition

Look on the web for the similar blogs and moms that are doing good in making money online. They probably already built the working tactics that you can copy or even connect with to get more work done in less time. This tip is a bit bad i know, but you need to check out what other moms that are working from home have to offer. Having a competition always helped me because I knew that I need to work harder and have to offer more services.

3. Create Your Service or Product

This is just how the universe works, and you need to go with it, why do you think that people end up in prisons, it’s because they disturbed the natural flow of the universe. It’a bit of a cliche but it’s true, many successful moms that are working from home have realized this and created their own services and products. If you have something to sell, you will always have a lot of work and you will be able to work from home.

These are some of the things that moms can work from home to make money online:

You can use or to sell your own handmade jewelry or anything you can make to be very nice and people would love to buy. I know couple of work from home moms that are making extra or full time income selling their own stuff.

Sell your recipe, moms love to cook and they are always looking for good recipes online, you can use site like seemycooking to sell your own recipe.This is very interesting opportunity and it could be just what you need to work from home and earn some extra cash.

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Publish your ebooks, if you have experience with anything that can be useful to millions of other moms from all over the world, write your ebook and publish it on sites like booktango, or amazon.

Product reviews, this is one of the really best ways to work from home for moms, it’s fast, easy and can pay a lot, some of the sites where you can get paid to review products and make money are reviewme, sponsoredreviews or socialspark.

Or like I wrote before, you can make money selling your hair, if your hair is healthy and long, you could earn a lot just by selling hair.

One of the most popular way for moms to work from home and pay their bills is to get advertisers place an ad on their blogs. As you can see, the opportunities are endless, you just need to have good imagination on how to monetize your services.

4. Invest Back In Your Business

Once you start working from home, you will need to reinvest back into your business. It will help you to attract more business opportunities and to get more traffic and potential customers to your products and services. You don’t need to reinvest all back in, but at least 20% would be a good start in order to get better then your competition and to have some advantage and unique approach. If needed invest in advertising to, spread the word around about that you are work from home mom and that you offer high quality information and products.

5. Connect With the Community and Love what You do

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In order to get new customers you will need to connect with them and share your experience along the way. One of the most popular sites these days for women is… you guessed it, the Pinterest. It’s amazing place to spread the word out and to pin your favorite things and products, and many moms are even making good money with it. They write about the specific products on their blog and then they pin that page on pinterest. When someone buys the products they make a commission or you can sell your own products and keep all the profits for yourself. One of the interesting tools for making money with pinterest that I can recommend to you is Pinerly. Their proprietary technology matches relevant visual content with your interests so you can make money from helping others spread their great great content, they give you more $ for your visitors.

And the last thing but not least is to love what you do, I love blogging, can you see just that this blog post is over 1000 words long. I love helping people online. If you want to become “work from home mom” you will need to love what you do, and you will have a lot more love and free time for your family too.


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