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A personal blog is one of the ways to make money on the Internet. Users have long since learned how to monetize traffic on blogs. You will succeed if you follow our recommendations. In this article, we have described some useful tips and recommendations for promoting and monetizing a blog. 

There are three components of a successful blog:

  • Interesting content for a wide audience.
  • Proper distribution of content.
  • An audience of regular readers.

Your blog will become popular if you work on all three fronts: writing fascinating articles, distributing them online, and working to grow your regular readership. You do not have to create a personal website from scratch. You can use any free designer or template. Further, pay attention to metadata and SEO settings. Also, take care to have a domain name. 

Have you created a website? You can start promoting your blog. Before that, fill it with unique and exciting content. These can be useful tips, instructions, various stories, and personal experiences. Do not forget to use keywords. There are many online services for selecting key phrases on different topics.

We have prepared some useful promotion tips for you:

  • Collaborate with other bloggers. For example, offer them guest posts. This is unique content written specifically for the partner’s blog, with a link to the author’s site. Look at this site. It says more about it there. 
  • Use SEO to get traffic from search engines (more information about promotion in search engines, read on
  • Publish instructions, picks, reviews, and checklists. People actively share these kinds of materials.
  • On YouTube, novice bloggers actively comment on videos of popular colleagues and thus attract attention to themselves.
  • Interview popular people on the internet. Stories like this attract attention.
  • Take part in seminars and conferences, conduct webinars where you can talk about your site. This is relevant if you have a professional or thematic blog.
  • Exchange ads with other bloggers on the barter. The important thing here is to make sure your colleague’s audience is comparable in size to yours. 
  • Publish content on social media. For example, at the freelancers club, we post free selections of video tutorials on topics related to making money online.
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Remember that the result of promotion you will not notice immediately. It may take up to 3 months for search engines to index the pages of your site. Only after that will your blog get organic traffic from search engines. 

Did you notice the result? Did the net unique users of your site exceed 300 people? You can start monetizing your blog! 

It is real to make money on your blog. It can be an additional income or the main source of money. The main thing is to take the right approach to the matter and create a project that will be interesting and useful to people.

There are several ways to make money on a website:

  • Selling advertising. This is the main type of income for popular bloggers. To sell advertising for adequate money, the size of your project’s audience should be at least 100 thousand people. In this case, advertisers ready to place banners, promotional articles and other materials will come to you.
  • Placement of banners from Google. The Google search engine offers webmasters to place ads for their advertisers and get paid for it. To complete this, you need to connect your site to Google AdSense and place a special code.
  • Backlinks. This is one of the ways to make money on the blog, which is suitable for beginners. Many website owners are interested in buying links to their projects because it helps to raise their positions in search engines. Selling links is one of the easiest ways to make money on your blog, which does not depend on the popularity of your project. Even a new blog with a small audience can start earning in this way. So be sure to add quality backlinks to affiliate sites. Offer services to place such links and attract webmasters.
  • Subscriptions to premium content. This is a relatively new way for bloggers to make money. You can offer your readers premium content for a fee. For example, some articles on your site will be available for free and some for a fee. You can also offer access to chat rooms and channels with exclusive information for a fee. For example, this is how stock market analysts often earn. They conduct blogs and offer those who wish to buy access to channels in which they publish detailed analytics and forecasts of stock prices. There are channels about programming, the presenters of which part of the courses are free, and form part of the lessons are asked to pay money. Or they sell scripts, which they describe in their videos. As premium content, you can sell templates, checklists, books, and more.
  • Selling your services. For example, your blog is about needlework and offer readers to buy your work. Or you tell them how to set up advertising on the Internet and offer your services. Or being a tutor, writing about foreign languages, and offering to buy your online lessons. This way of making money can bring good money, even if your project is niche.
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Now you know how to get traffic to your blog. It’s not hard! The main thing is to be patient because you will get results not immediately. We are sure you will succeed. Good luck! 

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