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As a teenager, you are in the most active and exuberant period of your life. Being a teenager is a great way to start planning your life for the future.

During some idle about doing nothing, you can pick up a side hustle and your everyday activity, which will help you financially.

A side hustle is a job done in addition to your regular typical job. Maybe you might not be working on normal hours; you might be schooling or doing other stuff. A side hustle helps you gain some money while you are schooling or doing other things on your own. A side job is not a regular job with regular paying hours. Mostly, profits are made on the efforts you put into the job and how smart you execute the job.

One good thing about side hustles is you are mostly your boss, and you work at your own pace; this is an excellent advantage for teenagers who spend most of their time doing important stuff such as schooling and other things. Working at your own pace and time ensures your side hustle does not interrupt other important stuff you might be doing in your life. It is an excellent way to juggle your normal work routine and a side hustle which will allow you to earn some money.

When you calculate the number of free time you have every day, you will realize there is a huge amount of time spent doing nothing. These times can be used to pick a side hustle. Side hustles do not only help you financially but also improves your entrepreneurial skills. Imagine loads of entrepreneurial experience you will have as a teenager just having your side hustle. You will know the secrets in business management at a young age which is going to be very beneficial in the future. Nexus Teen Academy provides the best therapy to incorporate activities and education to ensure your teenagers stay engaged in their journey, and have a memorable experience.

Here are some 20 side hustles for teens:

(1) Tutoring

This is a very smart side hustle for teens. You can teach people a wide range of topics during your free time and get paid. Tutoring is an effective way to use your knowledge, skills, and intellect to earn some money. You might be good at a particular subject, let’s say mathematics, you can teach your mates and other people and get paid for it. You can earn some good bucks doing that. Thankfully, modern technology has given us platforms to teach online. You can use platforms like zoom, skype, etc., to teach people from different locations. Tutoring doesn’t just have to be academics; do you have a skill in other things such as music, dancing, guitar playing, etc. You can teach people these skills in person or online if they are not close by. There are great online platforms such as, Teachable, Udemy, etc. These are platforms you can teach your skills virtually and earn some money. Tutoring is a intelligent side hustle because it helps you transfer what you’ve already learned or your skills to other people while earning money.

(2) Delivery Person

Side hustles for teens come in many forms, and delivery guy is one good side job you can do. With this side hustle, you get to deliver goods from various markets to their buyers while earning some cool money while doing so. You can register with shops around your locality so you can deliver products to their owners and earn money on every delivery you do. With this, the more you deliver, the more money you earn. There are good companies to work with, such as Uber eats, Amazon flex, Starbucks, etc. These companies make you earn money while you deliver their products to their buyers. This is a cool side hustle to get yourself involve in.

(3)Selling of Pokemon cards.

This side hustle might sound very strange, but believe it or not, it is a very lucrative side hustle to get involved in. The Pokemon brand has amassed a lot of followers and money to its name. Every year its net income increases; during last year’s Black Friday sales, there was a mad rush for pokemon cards. Its demand has increased in the last few years. A lot of kids love pokemon cards so buying the cards and selling them is a good side hustle that is going to improve your finances. You can buy these cards from japan which is the original producer of Pokemon, and later sell them at interest on online platforms. This is a great side job that few people know about.

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(4) Social media manager for small business

Any good small business in your locality that wants to make profits will always find a way to reach out to people through social media.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter tick-tock, etc., all have potential customers lurking around. This makes the hiring of a social media manager for such businesses significant. Small businesses mostly need young people who are well vested in handling their social media platforms so they can reach out to potential customers. So applying for such jobs as a side hustle is a very good initiative; you will get to earn money while you manage the business platform of your employer. This work is not tedious at all is a fun way to make money.

(5) Pet care

If you love dogs and other domestic animals, there is a good way you can earn money as a side hustle while taking care of these animals.

Some people don’t have the time and strength to give their pets the care they need—especially the elderly amongst us who own pets like dogs. You can use this opportunity to take care of these pets as a side job. This work is not difficult; you take the dogs for a walk, you feed them, you play with them, etc. You do all this stuff; then you get paid. The best thing is you can schedule a time that suits you with your employer. There are people around your locality who need pet care, and you can reach out to them. Also, there are online sites such as This site helps you gain employment taking care of dogs.

(6) Freelance writing

You may be good at writing articles, blogs, stories, reviews, guides, etc. Then there is an opportunity to put your good writing to use while getting paid for it. This is a great side hustle for people who are good at writing, and if you are not even good at writing, you can learn to improve your writing skills. Payment depends on the content you write and the agreement between you and your client. You can earn huge sums of money if you are very good at your work, this opens you to more clients. You have to be a good researcher and writer. There are some online freelance writing websites available such as Iwriter, Contena, Upwork, Flex jobs, etc. These Freelance websites allow you to meet potential clients so you can write for them on various topics. The good thing about freelance writing is, there are always jobs to do on these sites, so you can log on to your account and pick up an appointment and write, and if your client is satisfied, you get paid. This is a great side hustle.

(7) Washing of cars

Washing of cars looks fun to teenagers this activity can be a side job to augment your income. Many people in your locality do not find time to wash their cars because of their busy schedules. You can reach out to such people and wash their cars for an agreed fee; the more cars you wash within a week, the more money you earn. As a teenager, car washing won’t be a difficult task at all. This is a good side hustle, and when this is done smartly and effectively, you will be able to earn some money for your upkeep and personal savings.

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(8) Babysitting

Do you love kids? Kids can sometimes be unbearable with their regular tantrums, but it is an absolute delight to take care of kids while their parents are away. Babysitting a kid allows you to make some money while you take care of your employer’s kids. You monitor the kids, make sure they eat at assigned times, play games with them; anything you can do to keep the kid cheerful while their parents are away can be included in babysitting. There are a lot of busy parents who need trusted people to babysit their kids while they are away, and this is a good side hustle job for you to earn some money.

(9) Youtube channel

Youtube content can be a good side hustle if you learn how to manage your channel well and garner a lot of viewers. Most people spend a lot of time on youtube looking for fun, educative and informative content. You get paid on youtube when you get a lot of views; you can also contact companies to advertise on your page if only you can reach a lot of viewers. A youtube page is fun, and if you are creative enough to build a compelling and captivating page that attracts many viewers, then you have a good side job right there.

(10) Photography

There is beauty in photography when it is learned, and the good thing is it is not difficult to learn. Photography can be a good side hustle for teens when they learn it very well. Just imagine the amount of money you can earn just taking photos at a client’s wedding. You can earn a lot with that. Photography is a nice skill done with a lot of fun. If mastered well, you can make tons of money while having fun. Teens who are interested in photography can learn it and use it as a side hustle.

(11) Podcasting

You can start a podcast to reach a lot of teens. With this sort of side hustle, it takes work and creativity; you have to take compelling topics for discussion, which will earn you a lot of listeners. Teens love topics about relationships, education, etc. Pick up a compelling topic and work hard on it, and as your podcast becomes popular, you can get people to advertise on your podcast, and this can earn you some money. This side hustle requires skills and dedication in other to gain money.

(12) Caregiver

There are many seniors in caregiving homes, and also some need care in their own house. You can consider being a part-time caregiver to these seniors who are mostly unable to take care of themselves. This side hustle is done with care, love, and dedication since these are human beings who need help. You can earn some money taking care of these people. This is a good side hustle to consider.

(13) Cleaning service business

People always want to make their homes look tidy and clean, but their main challenge is they feel lazy, and others are very busy. This is a great opportunity to start a cleaning service side hustle. You can go around from house to house looking for a home to tidy up. This can include dishes, general cleaning, laundry, etc., so you can earn some money while doing it. You can increase the price you charge your customers if you feel like the workload is bulky. Cleaning service is a good side hustle, and you will be amazed at the money you can earn just going around to tidy up homes.

(14) Graphic design

Learn how to do graphic design so you can design for people and get paid. If you are very good at graphic design, you can work for plenty of companies and people. The demand for graphic designers is very high since companies and people need ways to advertise their products. Graphic design offers a unique way for companies and people to advertise their products. This can be done through flyers, build boards, etc. You can also sell your design online; cafe press is one online platform you can sell your graphic designs. Graphic designing is a lucrative side hustle any teenager who has skills in it can pursue.

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(15) Creating artwork

Side hustles for teens can come in the form of creating artwork or crafts. If you have a hobby of making artworks and crafts, then you can easily turn it into a side hustle if you are good in skills such as knitting, designed coffee mugs, jewelry, pottery, sculptures, etc. Rather than doing this as a hobby, you can sell these products to art lovers who will pay you well for your service. Many people admire artworks and will specifically order artworks from you when they see you are good at what you do. This artwork can be marketed on online platforms and social media sites. This is a good side hustle for creators of artworks.

(16) Check box supporter person

This is a great side hustle that does not require any tedious skills. With this job, you get to interact with potential customers on a business website. You help them with their inquiry, and you answer questions they may have about the business. When questions are very difficult, you can immediately seek help from senior staff. This is a great side hassle in which you get paid by offering customer services.

(17) Become a teenage camp counselor

This is also a good hustle job for teenagers. t Camp counselors plan, implement activities for your campers. You will also ensure the safety of your campers. Your main campers will be children, and you make sure they enjoy the camp. A teenage camp counselor is a way to earn money as you take care of kids in camps. You are paid according to the hours you work at the camp. You can make some good bucks being a camp counselor. A good side hustles to augment your finances also offers you a fun experience with children.

(18) Selling your clothes

You might have a lot of clothes in your wardrobe, some may not fit you any longer and others you just won’t wear again.

You can choose to sell these clothes either in your locality or online platforms such as Poshmark, eBay, etc. This site offers you a platform to sell your used clothes to potential customers. Earn money on your used clothes rather than discarding them. This side hustle has proven to be very lucrative when pursued.

(19) Mowing Lawns

It might not be the happy side hustle to do, but this is still a side hustle that can earn you some money as a teenager. Many homes leave their grasses uncatered for. This is a great opportunity to move from home to home to mow lawns for cash. As you work on different homes at a time, your money increases.

(20) Web design

Teenagers are very creative and technologically savvy. You can earn some huge backs if you learn how to do web designing as a side hustle.

Many small businesses are emerging, and they mostly need a web page for their business.

If you know how to do web designing, this will be an excellent opportunity to earn some money as you design web pages for your clients.

This is a good side hustle that can earn you a lot of money if you do a good job.

Side hustles may sometimes feel tedious, but it is a lucrative way to augment your income as a teenager. It also allows you to save for the future. These listed side hustles for teens come with their challenges, but as a teenager, you can overcome them and make these hustles fun as you work.

There is no shortage of ways to make money as a teenager; once you are intelligent and creative, you can make it big. Your teenage years are filled with much energy, and you should put it to use.


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