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Making mistakes when writing for business can be a slippery slope. If you use poor grammar, misspell words or lack basic structure, you will appear unprofessional. There will most likely be mishaps with clients, vendors and employees due to miscommunication.

These mistakes are inevitable. We are all human. But these mistakes are also avoidable. We are capable of training our brains and honing our individual writing skills. In any business, writing skills will be used almost everyday. From emails and conferences to faxes and invoices, writing skills are imperative to success.

Since writing for business is not like other writing, you will need to follow some rules that may seem unnatural. You are not writing a novel or a blog article. In business you want to use formal vocabulary, use short sentences and have extremely organized structure.

Technology and the web are offering a world of help. First, you must identify what areas could use improvement. Once you know where your focus should be, you can explore our list of useful resources. These options can assist you in developing better business writing skills, and can help catapult your career to the next level.


Enloop is specifically designed for professionals and provides thorough assistance in building business plans. Users input information and Enloop will organize and write the business plan. You even get one plan for free.


This writing service is composed of trained professionals and offers a wide range of business writing assistance. Find help with editing, proofreading, personal statements, formatting, resume writing and more. Don’t waste time being stuck, get the help you need to stay on task.

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Whitesmoke software is perfect for busy professionals. It auto checks any emails sent from Outlook and also integrates with Word, Chrome and Firefox. You can activate Whitesmoke in any text-based app and the translation feature is effective when dealing with international business relations.


The Hemingway app and editor is the perfect business-writing tool. In business you want to be straightforward, to the point and avoid writing mistakes. Hemingway himself was famous for using short sentences and the app edits with the same style. Issues are highlighted, suggested corrections are provided and an overall readability score lets you know when you are ready to submit your writing.


This one is simple, yet a necessary addition to your online business resources. Plagiarism will ruin a reputation and destroy a career faster than a blink of an eye. Don’t throw your success away by publishing someone else’s work. Use Plagtracker (and their unique checking algorithm) to remain confidant that you are always submitting original writing.


Scrivener software is designed for assistance with writing long manuscripts and is a great way to build a better business plan. Users receive step-by-step guidance, have access to text editing and can view their  “cork board??? organization dashboard to control content.


This app is effective for busy professionals and people who are constantly on the go. With Dragon Dictation you can speak your emails, texts and other correspondence while the app types it for you. This can help to avoid spelling mistakes and auto-correct typos when communicating quickly.

Every great writer needs and editor and every great business involves teamwork. Whether you are writing for business or pleasure, seeking help is normal. Don’t be afraid to try what technology has to offer.

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The world of business writing is constantly evolving. Take the steps necessary to ensure you avoid mistakes and do your best work. Many of these online resources are user-friendly and free, so why not try one of them? The next time you find yourself questioning your writing skills, remember that nobody is perfect. See what these tools can do for you and use them to your advantage.

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