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There are many reasons why an iOS app can help you in running your business. Few business owners, however, see the value in making their own app. You may think that only the corporate heavy-hitters have any business making their own apps. However, SMEs are increasingly drawn to the power of apps to promote and grow their enterprises. Some may consider the cost of outsourcing app development too prohibitive, but freelance coders can be found for very reasonable rates on sites like People Per Hour.

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Apps are the new websites. As we move into the next decade, the app will become as ubiquitous a business tool as Microsoft Office. Just as Microsoft’s indispensable tools are used all over the world, so too will the app be the hallmark of a legitimate business in years to come. Whatever the nature or size of your business there’s little doubt that having an app could contribute organically to your growth.

Apps can grow your reach

The wider your reach, the more potential leads can find their way to you. The more you reach, the more you can convert into sales. An invaluable way of broadening your reach is to use your existing customers to create virality. Just look at what Uber are doing! By incentivising your customers to introduce their friends and family to your brand with money off their next order, you can strengthen your relationship with existing customers while enticing new ones.

An app store presence is free publicity

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Apps are the marketplace of tomorrow. In fact, 30% of all e-commerce in the US were made through mobile apps. That’s a lot of potential leads browsing through Android and Apple’s app stores. These are leads that can be drawn to you if you have an app store presence. The trick is in getting their attention and a bold, eye-catching icon is a great place to start. With over 1,600 apps a day published, you may take something special to stand out. Here are some hints to help your app get featured, bringing millions of potential leads into contact with your business.

Apps create additional revenue

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Apps are great for generating revenue in those hard to reach areas that email and social media campaigns can’t reach. Apps can be used to alert users to new offers and promotions via push notifications. It’s great that customers sign up to your email notifications, but even the most ardent brand advocates may miss out on beneficial offers simply because your email has gone straight into their spam box. You can even target customers with hyper relevant localized offers through geo-specific data collection.

Apps are invaluable in promoting brand loyalty

If you want a great example of using an app to generate brand loyalty, look no further than Starbucks. The coffee giant encourages their customers to use their app to make purchases by loading credit onto the app, and making their selections before arriving in store, enabling them to jump the line as well as racking up points that will eventually result in free drinks.

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