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In today’s Internet, anything bad rep against a company or brand would surely come out little by little into the search engines, making its way to Page 1 of Google or Yahoo! if the root cause of the problem is not eradicated immediately. But then again, it is never an easy undertaking to remove negativity about a company or brand and maintain its overall online reputation. However, a lot of companies have been using myriad of tools that help them see what others see when they search their own brand or company name online. In fact, these web tools are specifically made for online businesses that are trying to view their websites and other social media accounts on the eyes of the public, addressing negative reputation right away before it could damage the companies or brands.

For those companies who are operating websites, it is important for them to start taking online reputation management seriously by taking advantage of the following tools that are deemed the best according to many experts.

Here are some of them:

•    Google Alerts. This is the most basic online reputation management tool that many web experts recommend to companies. With this Google feature, companies are alerted whenever their brand name, employee, or keyword associated with them are mentioned all over the Internet. That way, they may be able to detect which one is fairly positive PR to the dangerously bad one.

•    SocialMention. This tool is one of the best when it comes to providing general to specific analysis about a business or brand being mentioned online. This free tool is also capable of sending alerts just like what Google Alerts do.

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•    Whos Talking. Aside from monitoring the website owners about who is mentioning or searches about their brands online, this tool is also capable of doing so on all social media accounts.

•    Technorati. This online reputation management tool is best for companies beginning to venture on managing their brands online. Not only will it show basic results, but it will allow companies to track daily website posts and identify links to the website.

•    Alterian. Finding out what people think about companies is what Alterian can bring to the table. What’s unique about this online reputation management tool is that it allows website owners to access information found in different countries and determine if they are good enough. However, this does not have a free trial.

•    Trackur. This tool allows companies to view what people search when they mention the brand in the search engines and in social networks. It also allows companies to view if the person who is searching is influential or not.

•    Rankur. This online reputation management tool is recommended for small businesses, as this provides analytical and demographical information about the business or brand. It can identify online reviews, as well as note what the competitors are doing.

Each tool has its own unique set of capabilities and features. However, the one thing in common between them is that they enable websites owners, as well as brands or companies, have the peace of mind, in which they can always rely on these tools in maintaining their online reputation.

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