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Each online business has its own set of unique needs. Some are side hustles or hobbies that only take one or two people to run. With the help of a few productivity apps, they can handle most of the work. Others, however, are larger operations that require a team of dedicated employees working in the best virtual office setup money can buy.

That being said, most online businesses (regardless of size) can be helped along by following some fundamental tips. Below are five of them:

1. Build an SEO strategy

Not many people are going to see your online business if it shows up on the 33rd page of search results. That’s why a proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan is essential for growth in the online world. 

If your business consistently ranks in the top few spots on a search engine, then it’s far more likely to reach, retain, and grow your customer base. For those who want immediate results, paid ads on social media sites or search engines may do the trick. However, if you’re in it for the long run, then consider developing a comprehensive SEO plan and writing quality content to bring in organic search results. 

2. Consider a content marketing team

To position yourself as a leader in your particular business niche, it’s important to produce a lot of relevant and authoritative content that customers can turn to when they need advice. If you have the time and know-how, then it’s entirely possible to do it yourself. However, if you’re on a tight schedule or your writing skills are rusty, then it can be helpful (and profitable) to outsource to a creative agency. They can produce everything from podcasts to videos to blog posts and more. 

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3. Use social media wisely

An active social media presence is requisite for any online business that wants to grow in today’s world. Since there are so many different social media platforms with their own style and user-base, it’s best to find out which ones are appropriate for your brand and target audience. 

Generally speaking, you can adopt a casual tone when using social media. Focus on engaging with customers and sharing company content – leave the sales pitch for your landing page. 

4. Don’t forget about email marketing

Although social media marketing is all the rage nowadays, email marketing is still incredibly effective. You may grow your customer base by tapping into your existing email contacts and by adding to your subscriber list. 

You can launch email marketing campaigns to welcome new customers, re-engage old customers, and spread your brand story through links to your favorite tweets, posts, and blogs.  

5. Serve your customers well

An essential part of growing any business is serving your customers well. In the pre-internet days, dissatisfied customers were limited in how they could vent their frustration. This meant that sub-par businesses could stay open a bit longer than justified. 

Nowadays, however, the internet has brought us a new era of product reviews and social media rants. If customers are dissatisfied with a business, it’s pretty much guaranteed that they will let everyone know. On the flip side, if they love your products, then they may also let everyone know. 

To ensure it’s the latter rather than the former, it’s important to run a business that people want to talk about. This means doing customer research to create products that solve real-world needs.

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Keep the above tips in mind, and you’ll soon have a thriving online business on your hands. 


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