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Every company wants great employees. But that doesn’t mean they’re easy to find. For example, Ford is struggling with their goal of increasing white-collar hiring by 36%. If you wish you could find the right people to hire but feel that you always find yourself dealing with a similar struggle, the good news is there are ways to make this process less of a headache and much more of a success:

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Know Exactly What You Need

Although this may sound like common sense, the reason it’s worth mentioning is because plenty of companies’ hiring gets off track as a result of forgetting to clearly define exactly what they need. While companies generally don’t dive into the hiring process without any idea of what they’re try to accomplish, a large percentage don’t go into enough detail about what they need.

Why is being detailed so important? The main reason is because it’s the best way to avoid wasting time. Not only does going down a murky hiring trail take a lot of time and resources, but it can also be very frustrating for any of your existing employees who feel like they aren’t accomplishing anything during this search.

By taking the time upfront to create a clear outline of the responsibilities, expectations and anything else you desire about a position, you’ll put the search for your next employee on the right track from the very beginning.

Avoid Being Generic

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Posting ads on job sites may not be the right fit for your company or the specific position you’re recruiting. But in many cases, this approach can actually be quite effective. The key is knowing how to make your listing stand out. You need to strike the perfect balance between being appealing and discouraging people who aren’t qualified from applying.

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You can make that happen by avoiding generic layouts and terms. Instead, write your ad like you would write an email to a friend with something you wanted to pitch. That type of email would focus on what you have to offer and why you thought of your friend over everyone else. Using a similar approach will result in a really great job ad.

Pick Up the Phone

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Before you schedule a face-to-face interview, you can save a lot of time by scheduling a ten-minute phone interview. Even though that may seem really fast, you can learn a lot during that window of time. You’ll also be able to tell if someone is actually as compelling as their resume makes them sound.

Make the Main Interview Interesting

If you want someone other than a run-of-the-mill applicant, don’t settle for a cookie-cutter interview. Instead, think about how you can translate the most important components of the position you’re hiring for into an interview format. Although some people may struggle with an interview that’s outside the box, the type of employees you want to hire should excel at it.

Make Your Offer Enticing

Talented employees are in high demand. So when you find someone who seems like the ideal addition to your business, be sure that your offer is compelling enough to get them on board. Keep in mind that a great offer isn’t just about salary. Instead, it’s about everything that goes along with the job. That includes benefits like health insurance for employees, as well as what the culture of your company has to offer. If you can show that your company is an exciting and dynamic place to work, that’s going to be a big selling point for the type of people you’re interested in hiring.

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Always Be on the Lookout for Talent

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is waiting until they actually need a new employee to start looking for one. Since the process of finding someone who is fully qualified may take time, don’t wait until there’s a gap to get the ball rolling. Thanks to the availability of social media sites and the wide range of sites specifically dedicated to jobs, it’s easy to look for people who may be available and seem like an ideal fit for your company.

As you can see from what we’ve discussed today, the key to making recruiting a success instead of a source of stress is to know exactly what your company needs, and then proactively go after people who seem like the right fit. By really going out instead of sitting back and waiting for the right candidate to come your way, you’ll be able to bring in higher quality employees in less time.


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