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In Hong Kong, the business landscape is dynamic and fast paced. Within this city of bright lights and big crowds, nothing stays the same for long. So, if you want to run a successful business here, you’ve got to be bold, ambitious, and hungry for new experiences. The most lucrative companies are those which aren’t afraid of change.


The question is, how are businesses supposed to embrace change when conventional leases demand long term commitment? Well, increasingly, the answer is to eschew old-fashioned offices and opt for flexible serviced workspaces. Visit for a sneak peek at some of the best in central Hong Kong.  


This guide to the relationship between flexible work environments and corporate innovation will explain why you should ‘go serviced.’


Flexible Terms and Conditions


The most important feature of the serviced office is its inherent adaptability. Unlike conventional leases, these workspaces are designed to suit the needs of tenants, even when those needs change. Neither the terms of use nor the length of the lease is permanent.


If you want to upgrade to a bigger suite, terminate your agreement early, or review the range of corporate resources on offer, you only have to ask. This freedom is essential for creativity because it means that the ideas of your employees are not tempered by physical limitations.

Minimal Downtime


When setting up a business in Hong Kong, you don’t really want to wait around too long, even if it’s to put the finishing touches on a brand new office. There is so much market activity, all happening at once, that being away from customers and the sights of investors is ill advised.


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To build up a strong brand presence, you need consistency. Your office can be as changeable as you like, but it shouldn’t affect where and how consumers reach you. With a fully furnished serviced office, it’s just a matter of moving in and placing all of your focus on ideas generation.


The Best Possible Location


It’s important to keep returning to this idea of physical limitations. The fewer you have, the easier creativity can flourish, because employees aren’t wasting time on obtaining the right resources or building a nurturing work environment. Everything they need is ready to go.


So, they can invest all of their energy on collaboration, creative thinking, strategising and planning for the future. Serviced offices are a superb option because the best facilities are situated in high-end locations, close to transport links and essential city amenities.


Strength in Numbers


The reality is that creativity and social interaction are closely connected. Ideas generate more ideas and, when you’re in the presence of dynamic personalities, it’s hard not to be infected by their enthusiasm. Serviced offices are private, but they come with access to other spaces.


Most, certainly the facilities in central Hong Kong, offer the use of shared leisure areas and spaces designed for team interaction and collaboration. So, take advantage of the opportunity to share and meet fellow business owners who are generous with their knowledge and advice.


How to Find a Serviced Office in Hong Kong


As ‘all in one’ serviced offices charge a flat rate fee for the entire office suite (including basic utilities like cleaning, heating, and lighting), they make it very easy to control expenses. With streamlined costs comes more freedom and a broader variety of potential workspaces.


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Even small businesses can afford to rent high-end workspaces because there are no hidden fees, no demanding suppliers, and no penalty charges if you want to change the terms. So, don’t hold your company back. Pick a prestigious location like the Hong Kong Club Building.  

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