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Are you looking for a raise in your nursing or healthcare role? If so, it is not only hard work that pays off; your skills also matters. Nursing requires an ability to communicate clearly and effectively. So to get higher up the ranks, a nurse must be able to influence the behavior of those they work with. They must be experts in supervising other nurses, in collaborating with colleagues and speaking with hospital donors at fundraising events. Effective leadership must include the sharing of decision making, both with members of the executive nursing staff and with other senior managers of the organization. However, all these skills come with both hard work and training.

Each working nurse needs to have a set of skills beyond what can be taught in school. In the nursing profession, personal skills are just as important as technical qualification skills. Here are a few tips on how nurses can improve their skills and salary.

Get The Right Education

Those with better education usually also earn more money. That’s not always the case, but very common. This is because they have acquired higher level skills set which are deemed as valuable to employers.

If you graduate from college, you will usually earn more money than is the case with a high school diploma. Today there are flexible online nursing courses available from organizations and online colleges. You can find Houston Baptist Nursing programs online, which can be done part-time alongside your job, and once graduated, you will start reaping the benefits.

Get Extra Vocational Training

As a senior nurse, the primary objective is to achieve the best possible results for patients. The highest-ranking nurse in the organization should understand what nurses do and how it affects the practice of nursing in patient care. A nurse must have a broad knowledge of the problems related to healthcare and be dedicated to patient safety. Executive nurses must also know how to use data and research to improve nursing practice, which is why education in the form of vocational education is important. Without training, the competition is steeper, and it’s going to be very hard to get a raise that will secure your livelihood.

Gain Leadership Skills

As leaders, executive nurses should be an example for their staff and for the entire organization. The critical skills needed for leadership include the ability to think clearly and decisively, make decisions, have a succession plan and learn from mistakes. Registered nurses should look for mentors or role models who can provide advice. They should also commit themselves to lifelong learning and that they plan their careers, instead of leaving things to chance.

Business Skills

Senior nurses must also have business skills to understand the financing of healthcare, which is much more complex than just developing or balancing budgets. For instance, reimbursements for health services are set by the government and insurers. A hospital cannot compensate for business losses by increasing prices as most companies would. The head of nursing must be an expert in hiring, training and managing staff. They must also understand and use complex technology systems, such as electronic medical records.

Teamwork Skills

Nurses must be able to work well with others and enjoy being part of a team. So it is important that nurses have effective teamwork skills and can work with a variety of personality types. This is similar to many other jobs, where people are expected to work well with one another, regardless of opinion and personal preference.

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