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Are you involved in buying and selling properties across different regions? Well, real estate agents use numerous marketing techniques to attract more buyers. They have to advertise their properties on sale to attract buyers. Many real estate agents use video marketing to drive engagement and sell properties faster.

More than 40 % of buyers search for a home online. Of all the home buyers, 73% choose a real estate agent that uses videos. Among all types of marketing techniques, videos have the best conversion rate. 

Read on to know more about the role of videos in real estate marketing.

Attract Buyers on Social Media Platforms

Video marketing on social media platforms will provide you with increased engagement. People do not usually call a real estate agent for basic queries. Instead, they visit the social media page of the real estate agent and see their properties.

Various social media platforms are filled with real estate videos. Facebook and Instagram are the most preferred social media sites for sharing real estate videos. You can also use the adverts on social media sites for effective real estate marketing.

Real Estate Videos Are a Great Visual Content

When buying a property, people prefer to see the house rather than read a description. Since it is not possible to show the buyer immediately, videos can help them understand the property’s dimensions.

You should have a professional video tour of each of your properties. You can forward it to the buyers based on their demand. You can also upload real estate videos on your website. Studies have shown that videos on landing webpages can increase engagement many times.

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Real Estate Videos Can Be Informative

While showcasing your properties via a video, you can also provide information to buyers. You can make narrative real estate videos that inform the buyer about house dimensions, property value, or previous ownership. If needed, you can add subtitles or closed captions to your real estate videos. Subtitles in other languages can also be added to your real estate videos. It can help you in attracting buyers from other states. 

You can use a reliable video editing tool to make professional real estate videos. InVideo is a popular video editing platform that can help you produce engaging and informative real estate videos.

Live Videos Can Generate Traffic

At times, you could go live on social media sites to showcase your properties on sale. You can hold a Q&A session to answer buyers’ questions. With live videos, you can meet the needs of a large number of buyers in less time. Real estate films can also help you build a personal connection with potential buyers.


Studies have shown that video messages sent via mail or any social media site are 40% more likely to be opened than text messages. You can use an editing platform to make appealing real estate videos. Adopt video marketing for real estate now!  


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