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2020 transformed all areas of life. The pandemic affected the job market, so now a large part of the population is working or studying from home. Even if for many years, people have wondered if a digitalization of daily life is possible, countless organizations rejected the idea of working remotely. But with a virus threatening human lives, all businesses have to adapt to the new reality to survive in changing times. 

But if you switched from working at the office to working from home, you had to adapt to some new habits. Remote working implies new methodologies and strategies to encourage workers to be more productive and avoid distractions.

If you have a hard time to adapt to your new routine, here are some recommendations that may help you boost productivity.  

Create a separate working space

Having a separated functional workspace is vital to maintain the pace of work you had at the office. It’s best to create a delimited space to stay away from distractions and be able to focus on work tasks. You only need a quiet room you can adjust to your new needs. Optimize the room to resemble your office station to find at hand to work even if you do it in your PJs. Being productive at your job is vital in today’s world when organizations need people who do more in less time. 

Rest at night

Research shows that poor sleep dramatically reduces productivity. A meta-analysis of 24 studies revealed that there is a significant impairment in memory capacity and problem-solving among people who don’t rest at night. Your sleeping environment directly impacts your productivity so you should identify the factors that disturb your sleep and improve them. Your old mattress may be one of them because a deformed bed can cause low back pain and insomnia. What is the perfect mattress for you? The best mattress pick fits your body’s needs. For example, if you have a below-average weight, you need a soft mattress because a firm one creates s pins-and-needle sensation. 

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Stay connected with others

When working remotely, it’s essential to create a professional network and maintain professional connections with specialists working in your domain to stay in touch with the latest updates. But being isolated at home makes it challenging to communicate with people. However, many technological tools allow you to engage with a community that shares the same interests and even meet new people. Many online events train people in new methodologies and encourage them to improve their skills. Despite restrictions, it’s vital to maintain connections with people to improve performance.       

Take care of your well-being

Months of social distancing trigger cultural changes that can affect your mental health. Lack of recreation and interaction can destroy your mental health and cause depression and anxiety, conditions that can impact your work performance. If you feel depressed, don’t wait. There are modern treatments like ketamine infusions and various other forms of therapy available to get you back on your feet.

It’s essential to adopt strategies that help you clear your mind from negative thoughts and connect with other people. Online yoga classes, physical exercises, and video calls with your family and colleagues help you maintain your mental health. 


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